President Obama Should Promote Van Jones to ‘Mom Czar’


This should take care of your Van jones.

There is mounting pressure from the right to have the President’s special adviser on green jobs, Van Jones, served up on the ol’ Underbus Platter.  I say he should promote him.  Sure, “Mom Czar” is one idea.  He could be in charge of making sure that all Americans at least listen to their mothers, even if they don’t comply.

I think Jones is uniquely qualified for this, having discovered what happens when you don’t read something before you sign it, but I would settle for any promotion.

Jones is the right wing’s current shrieking point, an Obama appointee who is being targeted because his signature appeared on a 9/11 “Truther” petition.  At face value, it’s weak sauce, but Jake Tapper and others have added considerable water to the now thin broth.

When I first heard about this, I applied the standard righty litmus test: What if this had been a Bush appointee (perhaps signing a Vince Foster petition?)?  I really gave it some thought, and it led me to two conclusions.  First, there would have been a round of blog posts on Crooks and Liars, TPM, Huffington Post, et al, but I seriously doubt anyone would have even asked Bush about it. There are a hundred stories like this that never went anywhere.

My second conclusion was that the media plays along because of Bush.  They let the worst President in history walk all over them for 7 years, catching on only after the rest of us had moved on.  Now, they are applying the level of scrutiny that Bush deserved to Barack Obama.  Normally, you would need a reason to give a shit that a peripheral appointee signed a politically charged petition once, but because the media blew it so badly with Bush, the Spidey sense is tingling.

The right, desperate to erase the Bush stain, starts with the assumption that Obama is worse, then builds the facts around that conclusion.  They forget that Bush earned his dirty diapers.

The President has taken the path of least resistance in these matters in the past, preferring to let controversial aides and appointees step aside to avoid “becoming a distraction.”   Early indications here portend more of the same.  While there has been some wisdom to this in the past, I think this time, the President ought to show the shrill wingnuts who’s boss.  Hell, make Jones the Gun Control Czar, that’ll show ’em.


  1. Seriously, Tommy? Bush was the WORST president in History? Worse than Jimmy Carter, dude? HOW OLD ARE YOU? Why don’t you ask some of those who lost family in WTC 1 or 2 how THEY feel about George Bush? Do you EVER talk to any of those people? The ones Bush stood before on 9/12 and promised to make the terrorists PAY for what they did? Yeah, didn’t think so. But I digress…let’s talk about Van Jones. Tommy, please tell my why this man with TWO arrest records, easily verifiable and document, is even allowed into the White House when a member of the press (a friend of mine) invited his cousin to an event at the White House during the Reagan Administration and he was rejected because he had a burglary arrest in his juvenile record? Tommy, something really stinks here about these Czars and you know it. Be a real reporter and ask the tough questions, like: Why didn’t the Secret Service stop Van Jones from even being allowed IN the White House, let alone allowing for him to a have a job (paid for by you and me and all our brethren, I might add). I think before you continue to throw George Bush under the bus at every turn, you make a list of the people that Bush appointed (and their CRIMINAL RECORDS) and line it up side by side with good ole Barack’s amazing list of Czars. Bet you’ll see a marked difference my friend. Quit giving this guy a free pass because he’s NOT GEORGE BUSH. He is our president and he should be abiding by the same set of rules as every president that’s gone before him. Again, I ask…WHO shut down the Secret Service on this guy? Find that answer dude, and you’re a super star. Cover it up or just plain ignore it, and you’re just another one of the media pack that gives BO a free pass.

  2. […] as a person, reveals that the problem isn’t with Van Jones’ kooky rhetoric, but with shrill right-wing shriekers.  I’m very, very disappointed in you, and it’s still George Bush’s fault.  And […]

  3. Speaking of “considerable water” … you sure tried to carry a hefty amount here.

    His signature “appeared”‘ on a truther petition? You’ve set a new standard for toadying with that one. You should use that excuse for other democrat nonsense. Maybe Geithner didn’t lie on his taxes, the bad information just “appeared” there right? Who can control stuff just “appearing”? Maybe those millions of dollars just appeared in Rangel’s (D-NY) accounts? Hey, maybe it’s the same money that “appeared” in William Jefferson’s (D-LA) freezer?

    Maybe Mary Jo just “appeared” in the lake and Teddy was waiting for her to give him excalibur, right??

    Amanda Carpenter has a bunch of other places Van Jones’ name has somehow ‘appeared’. Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Tell me, Tommy, at just exactly what temperature DOES steel melt, hmm?

    I like your Bush hypothetical. Let’s ask another. What if, a mere 5 years before being appointed by Bush, one of his ‘czars’ had signed a KKK roster. Would you let him off with talk of magical ‘appearances’? I wonder.

    But hey, don’t blame ME for this comment. Just because my name appears on it, doesn’t mean I have to take any responsibility for it.

    Caleb Howe

  4. Hey Caleb! Your name and voice appears with mine. You must agree with what I say.

  5. I say, go get a death panel, sharpen it, give it to the government Moyel, enforce circumscison law, euthanize an elderly person, go to Rockefeller Plaza, find the Commie codes, then… protest a Star Trek viewing at the White House, after going along with Republicans who signed a Birther bill, and then… go to a Mosque, where Obama worships Allah, and, while there, perhaps ration out some… rations, where you can get lipstick for a pig, but before that, read Marx, grab TOTUS while you’re at it, indoctrinate younglings, spread santorum, explain how “Kennedy wishes for our deaths” (like Erickson)also, look out for the inverted crosses and pentagrams b/c Obama is the Antichrist and, beware of the Scarecrow, or straw man — who should be euthanized ASAP.

  6. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that real lawyers think using people’s signatures on documents as some sort of evidence that they signed the document or agreed to anything is dumb. Signatures are stupid. NO ONE considers signing something significant in any way. Saying my signature on a rental agreement means I agree to the rental is tantamount to saying I own Brooklyn because someone said “fugedaboudit” one time when I was within earshot. Its exactly the same thing.

  7. Any person either elected or appointed should be of American values first. I have read and heard this fanatic Van Jones make statements that should have the Government WATCHING him not Hiring him. I enlisted in the service during the Viet Nam War and came home to voices of hate for our doing our duty to America. Today my elected President hires people with un-American values. I should have died back then so as to not have to watch my country change. Double standards have replaced moral leadership. I listened and applauded as our great nation showed the world that in America all are equal. The truth is Americans should be seen, taxed and remain silent. I must have fallen asleep for many years and missed the battle for America. Please be kind enough to let me know the where an when of the battle fought in SILENCE that America lost. Also if there are any survivors please send help to get me back to the America I was born in, I would hate to die on this now foreign soil.

  8. Here’s the truth, Ruth:

    There’s a petition. This guy Van Halen signs it. It’s the 9/11 Truther shit on steroids right? Then, Van Halen later says he never read it. Now, without getting into the fact of whether a contract exists, let me just grant out some contract law so we can view it in a light most favorable to low-grade morons. The signature, at most, is prima facie evidence of having knowingly read the contract as well as reading the contents. Ok. Next, the burden shifts to the person signing the contract to rebut the proof. In this case, he does. There are a gazillion cases like this (on contracts). The signature is prima facie proof that the petition or document was knowingly signed and there is a “rebuttable presumption.”

    So, the question next becomes, whetehr Van Halen’s exlanation is overcomes the rebuttable presumtion. If you take him at his word, which I do, great. Let’s assume objectively the explaation is found to be insufficient. Then, the signature is proof of his agreement with the contents of the document. Ok got it?

    Now, the fact is, on contracts, many people (a ton) don’t read shit and sign. That’s a rock bottom truth. The most important contract I ever signed was a contract for my home. Honestly? Didn’t read 10 million papers and signed away. Here. Here. Here. Truth. In life and in court, this happens.

    so the next question becomes, what materiality is there insofar as politics are concerned. He fucked up. He didn’t read it. Should we chop off his balls? No. Why? It’s fucking bullshit/ He signed something w/o looking at it and that’s fine for me.

    Alternatively, let’s say he is a truther. Yes. He believes the government is behind 9/11. Awesomy! Therefore, his designs are to expose Bush as being behind 9/11. Or perhaps, he wants in on the deal. Maybe he wants to fly a plane into our rectums. I’m not sure. But, assuming he meant what he signed, I guess we’re all fucked because everyone has the brain capacity of a bedpan.

    Bottom line, people always sign crap they don’t read. They ought not do that. It happens though. That’s the truth. If you think he’s a truther, for real, I suggest you spend months if not an eternity, trying to solve this riddle.

    I have a piece of foreskin to sell ya.

  9. If there’s another thing I know for sure about lawyers, it’s that they are experts on politics and political liabilities. Yep. And they are never excuse-making, water-carrying, partisans who will say anything as long as it is in service of their man-god, who they sexually worship. Ne.Ver.

  10. Good argujment sir! I actually booked contracts eons ago now and just vacated a pea the other week where everything was on the record and under oath. I guess you’ve conceded my point and now I must move onto your “water carrying” argument.

    Caleb, you don’t carry the water for Republicans. You carry the testicles on the nut taint. But seriously, you do. You’ve stated as much (less the ball hair part). You declared war on Obama from the beggining and I remember you stating it clearly. “It’s war.”

    Unlike you, I’d probably lay my body across the tracks for any of you dips, however, the entire debate is frivoulous (not on this, everything) and I don’t buy the act. There’s no reasoning with you. That’s fine. But, let’s be honest, you don’t critically analyse matters. You are a shill for the extreme. Your blog is called “Acticon” for a reason.

    You utterly fail to dispute any of the substantvie points I make and resort to typical tactics reeking of a Turd Blossom. It is what it is. I’ve taken conservative stances on many matters, but, there is no civil discourse. It’s abject stupidity and you pilfer in it.

  11. Down goes Van Halen! Congrats! Intellectual garbage won the day.

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