I get it now…Glenn Beck is a “Bircher”

bllieddoseNow it makes sense.  No wonder the commie obsession.  No wonder the Van Jones attack … it’s all coming together now:

“Sam, I have to tell you, when I was growing up, the John Birch Society, I thought they were a bunch of nuts.” But Beck’s views on that score seem to have changed — “You guys are starting to make more and more sense to me,” Beck told Antonio.

I really was starting to wonder where all this silliness was coming from.  By the looks of that quote Beck seems to have jumped in with both feet.

The John Birch Society is a group not even Buckley could tolerate.  Oh for the days of intellectuals … alas.

Well, they are the same people who believe that the President will fly China’s communist flag on the south lawn…a story right up Glen Beck’s alley.



  1. Wait . . . Are you suggesting they’re NOT flying the Chinese flag on the White House lawn?


  2. aha! It will be at the Ellipse . . . Not that it matters so much . . .


  3. yeeesssss, that’s what i’m saying :).

    what flags people fly outside of gates of WH property of the south lawn proper is none of my affair. akin to flying the confederate flag across the street from a ‘yankee’s’ house ;).

    aside from china daily, are there any other sources for that ridiculous assertion? 😉

  4. you’re right. it matters not. public property in washington dc with displays by private citizens are none of my affair, and should be none of yours. i hope that’s where you’re going with this

  5. hm. i think i should clarify that. public protests are the right of every citizen…i have no place to judge what other people protest. i can only be responsible for my own opinion.

    i realize i may have come across as rude, and that was mean.

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