Correcting the Record on Andrew Breitbart and Karoli

An unintentional breach of privacy and confidentiality has occurred which has caused me to have to kill a story that I was working on.  breitbart

My girlfriend, a non-journalist, sent several tweets, without my knowledge, regarding a phone conversation she overheard me having with Andrew Breitbart.  She only heard my end of the conversation, and thoughtlessly made public her impressions.  She deleted them, but several were re-tweeted, and Andrew Breitbart was rightly concerned.

Here are screencaps of the tweets in question, reordered chronologically:

For the record, my phone call with Andrew Breitbart went very well.  We had a very candid, spirited discussion.

However, due to this breach, I cannot publish the story in good conscience.  The entire enterprise is now tainted.

I’m publishing this to correct any mis-impression that might have been given by these tweets.

I did not relate any of Andrew’s conversation to Diana, or anyone else.  The call did not take place on speakerphone, and Breitbart and I were the only participants.

The tone of the call, as I said before, was frank and spirited, and the phrase “not pretty” is not an accurate reflection of it.

It should also be noted, in fairness, that the other party to this story, Karoli, was equally forthcoming in my preparation of the story.

Update: Just found this tweet that I missed before.  No, Andrew Breitbart did not get “schooled.”  We had a spirited discussion, period.




  1. I offer my sincerest apologies to Mr. Breitbart, Ms. Karoli and Tommy for my recklessness. I’ve learned a valuable lesson here.

  2. Who the hell is Rawls? What a jaggoff.

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