Damn Liberals … always attacking ‘private citizens’

bllieddoseRecently I had a little twitter debate that ended with me telling the other person that I would not do his homework for him.

It remains my motto … in general.  However, this newish oldish ridiculousness about the ‘left’ being obsessed with smearing private citizens is pure nonsense.  The reason:  so is the right.

Fact is, when someone is in a public position, as a private citizen, they are opening themselves up for criticism.  Anyone who will deny that fact, is a fraud.

So, let us begin!

I took a sampling of random insults hurled at Glenn Beck and defended by the right using said argument, and random insults hurled at various ‘lefty’ celebs by same said group and came up with the following:

On Beck: “The mere fact that White House officials are involved in any attempt to destroy the career or reputation of a private citizen for what he has the audacity to say should send shivers down the spine of any freedom loving citizen and makes them seethe with anger.”

On Oliver Stone: “Flimmaker Oliver Stone is a “propagandist” for Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, one Republican congressman charged Friday.”

On Beck: “Van Jone’s group, Colors of Change has terrorized American businesses into pulling ads from Glenn Beck because, evidently, they are more interested in appeasing communist racists than standing by the free speech of private Americans when agents of the government seek to silence them.”

On Sean Penn: “If you didn’t know already, fun-loving, surfer-dude Jeff Spicoli has become a raging, GOP-bashing liberal who calls the likes of Hugo Chavez and Cindy Sheehan friends.”

On Glenn Beck: “Isn’t it wonderful that an organization directly linked to an Obama advisor, who is paid by the federal government, is assaulting the Free Speech rights of a private citizen?”

On Ed Asner: “Ed Asner is a liberal socialist communist moron.”

On Glenn Beck: “Bear in mind the real meaning of this: The President of the United States has singled out and criticized a PRIVATE CITIZEN. Yes, Rush Limbaugh is famous but he is not an elected official, not a Republican official of any kind. He’s a talk show host. And yet the President has taken it upon himself to insult, criticize and discourage not only him but his customers.”

On Ashley Judd: Sarah Palin made an interesting choice to bring up the Ashley Judd helicopter wolf shooting video in her resignation speech.”

Just be intellectually honest, people. It’s been an ongoing polititwital discussion as of late. If we all adhere to this principle, perhaps we can get down to brass tacks.


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