Satire CAN cross the line…

bllieddoseMost sane people know that the Glenn Beck assault rumor was meant to be tit-for-tat silliness.  However, I was so grossed out by the ‘rumor’ that I’m pretty sure I didn’t even re-tweet it … unless it was an accident.

No matter, rape is not a joking matter, and slander can be just as bad.  Here’s the deal, for those out there who cannot understand that it is purely a prank, I must point to the supposed police report. It does, in fact, look like a real police report – and it is.

Problem is, it’s from the Duke rape case in 2006, and someone has quite obviously photoshopped it…not a bad job of photoshopping, but continues to be fake fake fake, and an insult to the investigation of the Duke case.

Quit doing that please – hooligans on both sides.  Progressives, Glenn Beck has given you PLENTY of factual ammo to work with.


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