September 11, 2001: Jake Tapper and Allahpundit Remember

This is as much for me as for you, since I only glancingly read these.  I’ll catch up to them in a few days, or next year.  Jake Tapper tweeted some interesting links this morning, along with some wrenching memories, and Allahpundit from Hot Air tweeted some gripping memories last night.  The few that I read were extremely evocative, and eloquently written.
Update: Allahpundit’s tweets are archived at Hot Air.
I would recommend going back over both feeds to see them.

Here are the links Jake tweeted:

  1. …it sounds twisted to say, but when Enron happened ( it was something of a relief….about 7 hours ago from web
  2. …innocent Muslims falsely accused of helping terrorists (… Muslim orgs parsing words ( 7 hours ago from web
  3. …then there was the anthrax scare ( +…about 7 hours ago from web
  4. …2 days later i interviewed a very distressed Gary Hart + Warren Rudman, who’d warned of this +been ignored 7 hours ago from web
  5. …8 years later, i know the answer is still no.about 7 hours ago from web
  6. …but as a reporter i had to work. i wrote this: it ends with the q of whether anyone can reassure us of anythingabout 7 hours ago from web

You’ll have to go back a stretch to see all of Allahpundit’s tweets, but I don’t want to just steal them and put them here.  Maybe he will archive them at Hot Air.

Meanwhile, Gawker seems to expect a pass for this extremely offensive riff on 9/11 just because they’re Gawker.  No sale.


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