I’m rubber you’re glue…a list of lame comebacks

bllieddoseWhen having a debate with a democrat, progressive, or liberal – whichever of the terms you prefer – the following are the lamest arguments you ever could think of and shall strip you of any respect we may have given you…they may even garner a guffaw or an eyeroll.  Please feel free to add to the list of the lame in the comments:

  • Lincoln was a Republican.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.
  • Democrats started it.
  • Democrats are racist.
  • Democrats are socialists.
  • Democrats are Nazi sympathizers.
  • Democrats are Fascists.
  • Democrats don’t ever agree with wars.
  • Liberals don’t want anyone to help themselves, they’d be happy if everyone was on welfare.
  • Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK.
  • It’s treasonous to talk badly about the president if it’s against Bush, it’s patriotic if it’s against Obama.
  • There’s nothing overtly or symbolically racist about the Confederate Flag.
  • I don’t have the information at hand that I so defiantly disagree with.
  • The facts are debatable.
  • Chicago politics.
  • Crony.
  • Czar.

Maybe I’ll have a part two or three at some other time, but those are among my favorite lamest of the lame comebacks/arguments.  Sadly, they are used on a regular basis.


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