Billie’s Quickies…Michelle Malkin is HORRIFIED

bllieddose**What a super idea!  Particularly great if you have nosy or destructive pets and/or toddlers.  Seems perfect for hanging over a door:  The design is simple. Hang a canvas shoe organizer, fill with potting soil, and plant your favorite herbs in the pouches.

**This one is for the ladies … how can anyone NOT adore these booties?!

**Oh my God, there’s a Geek Atlas?!  I want to go to there.

**Product Review-Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

**Now, a conspiracy theory about timed technical difficulties during Glee is a tin hat I can wear! 😉

**Dr. King Inducted On Church Bombing Anniversary. “Coincidently, the induction [also falls] on the anniversary of the ‘Sixteenth Street Church Bombing’…which gave momentum to the civil rights movement lead by Dr. King.”

**Michelle Malkin is HORRIFIED by a rumored-to-be-then-taken-back ‘racially motivated’ teenager bus fight … HORRIFIED.  Well, Michelle what do you think “about this truly appalling incident?”—-If I may, here’s what she wrote about a separate bus incident:  “If the races had been reversed in this monstrous crime, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would already have booked their private planes on the first flight out to Baltimore.”  Anyhoo, Ms. Malkin, a racially motivated crime is a hate crime in most states – and I thought you said most of those were hoaxes….oh well.


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