Where Are the Black Panthers at Obama Events?

I found out yesterday that yet another guy showed up to a Presidential event with a gun (2 guns, actually).  That brings theblack-panthers_1968 total to, what, 2 million?  Give or take.

The familiar refrain from these armed, conservative opponents of the President is that the 2nd Amendment permits this.  Sure, Chris Matthews had a point about the one guy who referenced “watering the tree of liberty,” but that could have meant anything.  This is totally not about intimidation.

Still, it made me wonder what the reaction would be like if some Black Panthers showed up to these events with firearms.  As fellow displayers of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, they could stand right there with their conservative brethren, and perhaps new friendships would emerge.

I suggest the Panthers because I’d like to see some political diversity in these “man-with-a-gun-on-the-street” interviews, and the (New) Panthers are the largest non-conservative group to promote gun ownership that I’m aware of.

Then, weather permitting, both sides could engage in a “David Hasselhoff CD Skeet Shoot” to show off their 8th Amendment rights.

Yeah, it would be a moment of great fellowship, I’m sure.  Hell, I bet there might even be some beret-exchanging.  Most of all, it would be a shining example of Americans putting aside political differences, and finding common ground.



  1. I think it’s BS that people are showing up at Obama rally’s with guns, just like I thought it was BS for the New Black Panthers to intimidate voters in November and just like it was BS for the Obama administration to have dropped the investigation into them.
    It’s like this is some sort of pissing contest and the country is the loser. Some of Obama’s policies suck..period. The problem with that is that the liberal press just wants to paint over that with Rainbow Bright Colors, white the Right-wing press wants to go bonkers and make signs depicting him as a Nazi and worse.
    He is simply our President, and just like the men who came before him, he will do things well and he will do things poorly. The press needs to get back to being reporters not supporters of one side or the other.
    Ted Koppel’s comments were right on money..journalism is an endangered species. If we want things to work there must be checks and balances, and not just in Congress. Maybe then, crap like the New Black Panthers and these other gun-toting idiots would be publicized more and then the Govt would be forced to prosecute ALL of them.

  2. Too bad I’m not allowed to go to political events with my uniform on.

    Just sayin’.

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