Billie’s Quickies … “An elective procedure…that no one expects to elect for themselves”

bllieddoseMelissa Harris-Lacewell has to be one of my favorite Maddow and Olbermann guests.  She’s intelligent, fair, witty, and brings us juicy little nuggets of knowledge like this (courtesy Feministing):

“The State has an interest in poor women being able to have full access to the best medical care and reproductive options that are legal and available to them. And it’s always only poor women: wealthy women have always been able to seek out secure termination services from private physicians, always. So this is always a question about women without that kind of access. But there was no space for us, as feminists, to say “What the f***?!” because what we have to do is nod, and keep moving, to at least get coverage so we can go get our colds and our cancer taken care of. But meanwhile, these fundamental issues of reproductive rights are still used in the batting cage of partisan politics.”

And finally….

  • I’m pretty sure we’re still in a recession, and most of us are stretching every penny.  So, here’s some advice on how to make the most of loyalty programs and discount cards.

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