All Your Clark Bar are Belong to us


There’s a family of candy bars that I’ve always loved, the defining characteristic of which is a solid, layered center that becomes flaky when you bite into it, then almost chewy after most of it has melted in your mouth.  I refer to this substance as “Butterfingery goodness,” which is its scientific name.  The members of this family include Butterfinger, Zagnut, 5th Avenue, and Clark bars.

So, you can imagine my excitement today when I discovered a Clark variety pack that includes 2 as-yet-unheard-of variations of the Clark bar.  That picture is of the actual candy bars, which I have now eaten.

The standard, red-wrapper Clark was the delicious treat that I expected it to be.  A Clark bar is basically a Zagnut, but with chocolate instead of toasted coconut.

The light brown coconut Clark, as it turns out, is basically a Zagnut.  Still, nothing to complain about.

Clark Dark, aside from its cool rhyming name, was a bit of a disappointment.  Maybe dark chocolate doesn’t mix well with “the goodness,” or maybe they just didn’t get the best chocolate available.


  1. Is that your trademark black umbrella in the background?

  2. AND, all your base too….

    Hi ya D!! MUAH!

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