UPDATED: Drudge the linker can’t be bothered to use teh google:

bllieddoseSo, this evening (Monday), I’m going through my daily TweetDeck catch up when Joe Scarborough tweets wondering what the heck Drudge means by this:  “Senate Committee scheduled for too-close-to-call vote to block use of insurance vouchers for abortions … Developing.”


Well, there happens to be no linkage, so … google to the rescue.  I tweeted this link back to Joe,  and he gave his thanks.

There is little doubt – in my mind, though who knows what’s going on in Drudge’s – that he’s referring to Sharon Lerner’s column on the topic in The Nation.  Essentially, according to this guy, Republicans may be planning to stonewall EVEN MORE … like they don’t already have enough crap to stonewall.  In this case, the plan may be to fiddle with the Capps Amendment about which “… pro-choice groups largely held their fire, seeing that, to the extent it circumvented the issue, the Capps language could allow everyone to move past abortion and on to the larger matter at hand.”

Well, screw the larger matter at hand – i.e. health insurance reform – on to delays and making the already difficult to choice of electing to have an abortion even MORE ridiculously cruel.

Meanwhile, Texas finally is figuring out that abstinence only education alone probably does ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD AT ALL.  Yay for teen pregnancy … or something! *sigh*

UPDATE:  Upon further investigation and follow up on the proposed amendment that may be “too close to call,” the New York Times has a story up stating that the “Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote this week.”  The article goes on to say:

“Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, argued that if the bill blocked the use of subsidies for abortion coverage, private insurers would stop covering abortion because those plans would be excluded from the federally subsidized programs.

‘Women who already have this coverage would lose it,’ Ms. Keenan said.”

This vote is definitely one to watch!

As of 12:45 AM CST, Drudge had yet to link to a story.

Tuesday Morning: Well, Drudge finally got around to posting a link … guess what? I was right.

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