Billie’s Quickies … “A censor is a man who knows more than he thinks you ought to.”


  • Sound Advice: “I would encourage everybody, think in terms of what your reader wants. These are ultimately consumer businesses and if you piss off enough of them, you will not have any more.”
  • On the decline of the English Department: ” … at the root is the failure of departments of English across the country to champion, with passion, the books they teach and to make a strong case to undergraduates that the knowledge of those books and the tradition in which they exist is a human good in and of itself.”
  • Toilet Paper Origami? Fabulous!
  • Touching story about what happens when appearance changes after becoming ill.
  • Military daughters inspiring other military daughters.
  • Somebody oughta jump on this! We could save millions, I say, millllions: “‘The federal government risks losing millions of dollars in royalties from natural gas production because it does not promptly determine and collect when it gets shortchanged, according to congressional auditors.”
  • 20 countries weigh in on stimulus measures and government oversight of economies.
  • What if keeping women safe meant educating men?
  • Need to find an ‘ism’? Well this list probably has more than you need.
  • History of female matadors in Spain … totally cool (not for the bull, but definitely for women in the sport).
  • “Failure to understand the adversary” among the top ten strategic blunders according to Richard Rumelt.
  • “…we win the minds of Iraqis by building things like schools, bridges, and roads, but we win their hearts by building relationships and giving them respect.”  A Foreign Service Officer reflects on his time in Iraq.
  • I can’t IMAGINE why the general public could be so ill informed with regard to the health insurance reform debate:  “We urge TV health news decision-makers to realize how often they’re doing more harm than good with so many of their non-evidence-based, cheerleading promotions of treatments for wrinkles, weight loss, baldness, toenail fungus, etc.- and breathless enthusiasm for new devices and other “new stuff” in health care.”
  • Health Insurance Reform Health Insurance Reform Health Insurance Reform.


If you haven’t seen the following, you MUST!


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  1. I LOVE banned book week! I hate the practice of censorship, of course, but banned book week is always special to me.

    Bring me your Bradburys, your Rowlings, your huddled Huck Finns yearning to be read!

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