ThinkProgress Ambushes Fox Ambusher

Ahhh, “ambush.”  ‘Tis a funny word when said twice, pee-inducing when said thrice.

ThinkProgress ambushed Fox News producer Jesse Watters at the Values Voter Summit to ask him why he ambushes people.  Very clever.  Unfortunately, progressives lack that innate prickishness that comes so naturally to guys like Watters, so while it is intellectually satisfying, it lacks a little zazz.

I give the guy points for quick thinking, but it was his quest for truth that fucked him up a little.  He had a real winner in the Amanda Terkel ambush, and he should have stayed on that.  When you’ve got a minute to ask questions of someone you don’t mind burning a bridge with, keep the focus on the stalking.  For example:

When you were pursuing Amanda, did you make that “Ch-ch-ch-ch…ah-ah-ah-ah” noise from the Friday the 13th movies?

Was she dressed in a way that you thought might get her raped, given the right circumstances?

If so, do you think she would have enjoyed that had she also been transformed into an 11 year-old boy?

Also, how creepy was it to tell the reporter to say “hi” to Amanda and her boyfriend?

There are different kinds of ambush interviews, mind you.  Watters’ Cape Fear style is at the extreme end of the spectrum.  ThinkProgress’ reporter was at a press-covered event, and approached Watters on neutral, mutually safe ground.

O’Reilly tormentor Mike Stark is also at the Values Voter Summit, getting thrown out of Bill O’Reilly’s closed-to-the-press “Press Courage Award” speech.  I guess you could say he was scrubbed.  Like a loofah, get it?  Bah!

Bill O’Reilly Backs Public Option While Declaring it Dead


When I saw this item at HuffPo, declaring that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly backs the public health insurance option, I immediately thought “There has to be a catch.”

The clip at HuffPo was only about a minute long, so I figured there must have been a walkback later in the interview.  I found the full interview at the Heritage Foundation’s website.  There’s no walkback, but the clip has some great moments.  Not only does O’Reilly nail why the public option is necessary, he also makes several comically half-assed stabs at pronouncing  long lost Janeane Garofalo twin Nina Owcharenko’s name:

While O’Reilly doesn’t back off from his support for the public option, he does preface his remark by saying it’s not going to happen.  Aside from my own reporting to the contrary, O’Reilly might take heart from this widely-circulating clip from yesterday:

While media accounts of the death of the public option may have created the impression that public support for it may have waned, perhaps repetitions of this scene, along with some actual facts, will help to turn that tide in favor of O’Reilly and “the folks.”

Billie’s Quickies … “An elective procedure…that no one expects to elect for themselves”

bllieddoseMelissa Harris-Lacewell has to be one of my favorite Maddow and Olbermann guests.  She’s intelligent, fair, witty, and brings us juicy little nuggets of knowledge like this (courtesy Feministing):

“The State has an interest in poor women being able to have full access to the best medical care and reproductive options that are legal and available to them. And it’s always only poor women: wealthy women have always been able to seek out secure termination services from private physicians, always. So this is always a question about women without that kind of access. But there was no space for us, as feminists, to say “What the f***?!” because what we have to do is nod, and keep moving, to at least get coverage so we can go get our colds and our cancer taken care of. But meanwhile, these fundamental issues of reproductive rights are still used in the batting cage of partisan politics.”

And finally….

  • I’m pretty sure we’re still in a recession, and most of us are stretching every penny.  So, here’s some advice on how to make the most of loyalty programs and discount cards.

Breaking: Kanye West Strikes Again!

This is getting out of hand.

Where Are the Black Panthers at Obama Events?

I found out yesterday that yet another guy showed up to a Presidential event with a gun (2 guns, actually).  That brings theblack-panthers_1968 total to, what, 2 million?  Give or take.

The familiar refrain from these armed, conservative opponents of the President is that the 2nd Amendment permits this.  Sure, Chris Matthews had a point about the one guy who referenced “watering the tree of liberty,” but that could have meant anything.  This is totally not about intimidation.

Still, it made me wonder what the reaction would be like if some Black Panthers showed up to these events with firearms.  As fellow displayers of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, they could stand right there with their conservative brethren, and perhaps new friendships would emerge.

I suggest the Panthers because I’d like to see some political diversity in these “man-with-a-gun-on-the-street” interviews, and the (New) Panthers are the largest non-conservative group to promote gun ownership that I’m aware of.

Then, weather permitting, both sides could engage in a “David Hasselhoff CD Skeet Shoot” to show off their 8th Amendment rights.

Yeah, it would be a moment of great fellowship, I’m sure.  Hell, I bet there might even be some beret-exchanging.  Most of all, it would be a shining example of Americans putting aside political differences, and finding common ground.

Billie’s Quickies…Michelle Malkin is HORRIFIED

bllieddose**What a super idea!  Particularly great if you have nosy or destructive pets and/or toddlers.  Seems perfect for hanging over a door:  The design is simple. Hang a canvas shoe organizer, fill with potting soil, and plant your favorite herbs in the pouches.

**This one is for the ladies … how can anyone NOT adore these booties?!

**Oh my God, there’s a Geek Atlas?!  I want to go to there.

**Product Review-Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

**Now, a conspiracy theory about timed technical difficulties during Glee is a tin hat I can wear! 😉

**Dr. King Inducted On Church Bombing Anniversary. “Coincidently, the induction [also falls] on the anniversary of the ‘Sixteenth Street Church Bombing’…which gave momentum to the civil rights movement lead by Dr. King.”

**Michelle Malkin is HORRIFIED by a rumored-to-be-then-taken-back ‘racially motivated’ teenager bus fight … HORRIFIED.  Well, Michelle what do you think “about this truly appalling incident?”—-If I may, here’s what she wrote about a separate bus incident:  “If the races had been reversed in this monstrous crime, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would already have booked their private planes on the first flight out to Baltimore.”  Anyhoo, Ms. Malkin, a racially motivated crime is a hate crime in most states – and I thought you said most of those were hoaxes….oh well.

The “Other Alex” Becomes a Star on Maddow Show

Careful readers of this blog will note that on April 15th, yours truly met not 1, but 2 different Alexes.  You know Alex Villanueva as Daily Dose Junior White House correspondent and contributing writer, but Alex and I both interviewed Alex Lawson that day, as he was on hand to counter-protest the Tax Day Tea Party.

Alex #2 also contributed to my Mediaite story about the 9/12 demonstration, and tonight, his Billionaires for Wealthcare were featured prominently on the Rachel Maddow Show.  Here’s the video she highlighted in the spot:

Honestly, when I first saw Alex’s group, I wasn’t sold.  I thought the conceit played into stereotypes of liberal smugness.  After seeing how Alex dealt with the crowd, and after speaking with him afterward, I came around a little.  Either way, I was very impressed with Alex’s poise and conviction.  In real life, he doesn’t have a trace of wiseass in him.

Here’s Alex’s group being manhandled by Tea Party protesters:

You can see my interview with him here:

Let’s All Have a Patrick Swayze Christmas Today

I’m very saddened, like many, to learn of the death of Patrick Swayze tonight.  While many people (mainly women) remember Swayze fondly for such films as “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost,” most guys my age grew up watching Swayze kick ass in “Red Dawn,” and in B-movie masterpieces like “Road House” (which I am about to watch) and “Next of Kin.”  I can think of no better way to mark his passing thsn with this affectionate tribute by the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 gang.

I’m rubber you’re glue…a list of lame comebacks

bllieddoseWhen having a debate with a democrat, progressive, or liberal – whichever of the terms you prefer – the following are the lamest arguments you ever could think of and shall strip you of any respect we may have given you…they may even garner a guffaw or an eyeroll.  Please feel free to add to the list of the lame in the comments:

  • Lincoln was a Republican.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.
  • Democrats started it.
  • Democrats are racist.
  • Democrats are socialists.
  • Democrats are Nazi sympathizers.
  • Democrats are Fascists.
  • Democrats don’t ever agree with wars.
  • Liberals don’t want anyone to help themselves, they’d be happy if everyone was on welfare.
  • Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK.
  • It’s treasonous to talk badly about the president if it’s against Bush, it’s patriotic if it’s against Obama.
  • There’s nothing overtly or symbolically racist about the Confederate Flag.
  • I don’t have the information at hand that I so defiantly disagree with.
  • The facts are debatable.
  • Chicago politics.
  • Crony.
  • Czar.

Maybe I’ll have a part two or three at some other time, but those are among my favorite lamest of the lame comebacks/arguments.  Sadly, they are used on a regular basis.

What 9/12 Means to Me

I spent a few minutes this morning watching Glenn Beck’s Howard-Beale-meets-Bob-Ross act on Fox News, and after having several brani clels melted, I flipped over to watch President Obama telling his “fired up” story, which I had never heard before.  The contrast was pretty amazing.

Still, Beck did get me thinking about the idea of 9/12, which he is twisting to his own freakish ends.  I know I didn’t wake up that day thinking, “Man, I have got to protect insurance company profits!”
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