Billie’s Quickies….Maybe Kanye was RIGHT!

bllieddoseNothing, I mean NOTHING, made me laugh today like this little toddler dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”  So, maybe Kanye was right … maybe this video IS the “best video of all time!” (Found by

And, finally …

Twitter Cops – Protecting the World From Useless Tweets (I don’t think I’ve posted this one before, but pardon if I have.)

Keith Olbermann Brags About Getting Scooped


On last night’s Countdown, Keith Olbermann named two of my colleagues, Colby Hall and Robert Quigley, in his Worst Persons segment.  The reason for his bestowal of this honor (which, on the heels of a Bill O’Reilly shout-out, ought to have conservatives clamoring for cool Mediaite gear) was this piece of commentary by Quigley, and this followup.  I’ll let Keith explain it to you:

Now, I’m sure Colby and Quig will have their own response to this, but I just wanted to point a few things out.  First of all, Olbermann ends the segment by smugly waiting for an explanation as to how he could have put the kibosh on the ad, since he only heard about this unauthorized ad from that same Mediaite story.  You know what Mediaite’s response should be?  “You’re welcome, Keith!”  Whether you liked Quigley’s commentary or not, he scooped Olbermann about his-own-self fair and square.  (So did the Rachel Maddow Show, apparently.)

Secondly, remember that rule Keith cited about reaching out for comment before you write?  Does he mean like this, when he accused Dan Cooper of conspiring with Fox News to set up a fraudulent Twitter account in Olbermann’s name?  A Twitter account that turned out to be a legit one run by MSNBC?  Olbermann didn’t seek out fact one in this case, an example I bring up only because of my familiarity with it.

So, how did Olbermann set the record straight, several weeks after I, among others, advised his producers of the error?  By issuing the following non-apology pseudo-correction, which was stricken from MSNBC’s archived version of the segment:

Finally, I would point out that none of this changes the substance of what Keith Olbermann was saying in that Special Comment.  It was a fine piece of commentary that I praised when I first saw it.  My question, sir, then, is this, sir: If that Special Comment was worth the paper it was printed on, why on Earth would you deny Change Congress permission to use it?

“OH, nooooo” they di’nt … talk about the wrong bill

mr-bill-ohh-nooo-magnet-c11751410jpegGuys, guys, guys … (today I’m specifically referring to Politico) please stop referring to A bill as THE bill when writing about health insurance reform.

You- and everyone else who is paying attention – know there are several drafts of several different political agendas’ goal for this bill.  You’ve mentioned the one most hotly debated here, here, here, and here.   It wasn’t until the release of the Baucus plan that there was re-re-renewal of controversy about what Obama ‘meant to say.’  So, let’s not play dumb.  Either wait for the President to specify which to which one he is referring, or ask him the damn question yourself … don’t y’all work with CNN and all?

ThinkProgress Ambushes Fox Ambusher

Ahhh, “ambush.”  ‘Tis a funny word when said twice, pee-inducing when said thrice.

ThinkProgress ambushed Fox News producer Jesse Watters at the Values Voter Summit to ask him why he ambushes people.  Very clever.  Unfortunately, progressives lack that innate prickishness that comes so naturally to guys like Watters, so while it is intellectually satisfying, it lacks a little zazz.

I give the guy points for quick thinking, but it was his quest for truth that fucked him up a little.  He had a real winner in the Amanda Terkel ambush, and he should have stayed on that.  When you’ve got a minute to ask questions of someone you don’t mind burning a bridge with, keep the focus on the stalking.  For example:

When you were pursuing Amanda, did you make that “Ch-ch-ch-ch…ah-ah-ah-ah” noise from the Friday the 13th movies?

Was she dressed in a way that you thought might get her raped, given the right circumstances?

If so, do you think she would have enjoyed that had she also been transformed into an 11 year-old boy?

Also, how creepy was it to tell the reporter to say “hi” to Amanda and her boyfriend?

There are different kinds of ambush interviews, mind you.  Watters’ Cape Fear style is at the extreme end of the spectrum.  ThinkProgress’ reporter was at a press-covered event, and approached Watters on neutral, mutually safe ground.

O’Reilly tormentor Mike Stark is also at the Values Voter Summit, getting thrown out of Bill O’Reilly’s closed-to-the-press “Press Courage Award” speech.  I guess you could say he was scrubbed.  Like a loofah, get it?  Bah!

Bill O’Reilly Backs Public Option While Declaring it Dead


When I saw this item at HuffPo, declaring that Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly backs the public health insurance option, I immediately thought “There has to be a catch.”

The clip at HuffPo was only about a minute long, so I figured there must have been a walkback later in the interview.  I found the full interview at the Heritage Foundation’s website.  There’s no walkback, but the clip has some great moments.  Not only does O’Reilly nail why the public option is necessary, he also makes several comically half-assed stabs at pronouncing  long lost Janeane Garofalo twin Nina Owcharenko’s name:

While O’Reilly doesn’t back off from his support for the public option, he does preface his remark by saying it’s not going to happen.  Aside from my own reporting to the contrary, O’Reilly might take heart from this widely-circulating clip from yesterday:

While media accounts of the death of the public option may have created the impression that public support for it may have waned, perhaps repetitions of this scene, along with some actual facts, will help to turn that tide in favor of O’Reilly and “the folks.”

Billie’s Quickies … “An elective procedure…that no one expects to elect for themselves”

bllieddoseMelissa Harris-Lacewell has to be one of my favorite Maddow and Olbermann guests.  She’s intelligent, fair, witty, and brings us juicy little nuggets of knowledge like this (courtesy Feministing):

“The State has an interest in poor women being able to have full access to the best medical care and reproductive options that are legal and available to them. And it’s always only poor women: wealthy women have always been able to seek out secure termination services from private physicians, always. So this is always a question about women without that kind of access. But there was no space for us, as feminists, to say “What the f***?!” because what we have to do is nod, and keep moving, to at least get coverage so we can go get our colds and our cancer taken care of. But meanwhile, these fundamental issues of reproductive rights are still used in the batting cage of partisan politics.”

And finally….

  • I’m pretty sure we’re still in a recession, and most of us are stretching every penny.  So, here’s some advice on how to make the most of loyalty programs and discount cards.

Breaking: Kanye West Strikes Again!

This is getting out of hand.