Update: Scarlet Letter anyone?

bllieddoseDisgusting:Feminists for Choice alerts us to a new Oklahoma law (yes, law, not “proposed legislation” or “some kind of sick joke”) set to go into effect Nov. 1 that would collect detailed data about each abortion performed — and post it all on a public Web site called ShameOnYouWhore.com.”

Update:  The problem is … the search mechanism the Oklahoma State Department of Health currently has, already is invasive (Internet Explorer only).



  1. Fo’real?!

    That’s lovely. I’m now disgusted with humanity. Again.

  2. O.k., I’ll bite…
    What’s the problem with collecting “detailed data about each abortion performed”? Can I use the Web site to find out who had an aborion?

  3. ulisesjorge – if the information is tracked by county where the woman is from, and by date, and by ethnicity, and by age, and by education level, and by marriage status, payment method, insurance used, social troubles (spousal abuse, previous number of children, unemployed, etc.) and it’s a small county, it’s fairly simple to narrow down who it is. and, as of this date, it does list county of residence. so, to answer your question … yes. by name …. not specifically.

  4. Sorry, but I still don’t see how I can use this to find out if someone I know had an abortion. Perhaps I’m missing something and I played with the website for a while. Example:

    Search Characteristic Values Selected
    Counties Cimarron
    Years 2005 to 2007
    Mother’s Race White
    Mother’s Hispanic Origin Non-Hispanic Only
    Mother’s Marital Status Married
    Mother’s Age 20-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-34 years
    Mother’s Education Bachelor’s degree
    Previous Abortions 0 (1st Birth), 1 (2nd Birth), 2 (3rd Birth)
    Previous ITOPs No ITOPs
    Gestational Age Less than 6 weeks
    Method of Delivery Suction Curettage, RU-486, Sharp Curettage, Dilation and Evacuation, Other

    If I’m trying to find out if someone in Oklahoma’s Cimarron country (the smallest in the state with about 3,000/pop in 2000) I would have to know if:

    -She had a previous ITOPs
    -She had a previous abortion
    -Gestational Age
    -Method of Delivery

    So let’s say I’m the controlling-obsessive type and I want to know if my wife or GF had an abortion. What are the chances that I’ve would know the gestation age of the fetus at the time of the abortion? The method of delivery? What if she knows or suspect that I’m the kind of man that would try to find out if she had an abortion. She could:

    -Go to another county
    -Lie about her etnicity
    -Lie about her education

    By the way, I did the exact same search in Oklahoma county (the largest county in the state), and this is what I got:


    So even if I work in an abortion clinic and have all the details about a particular patient in Cimarron county, all I would get is the number of abortions. What can I do with that?

  5. you also checked for white women.

    yes, she could lie about all fo those things, she cannot lie about her insurance carrier, etc. aside from the issue of privacy, it is an issue of intentionally adding to the already intrusive questionnaire.

    this is not a pro choice vs. pro life issue alone.

    there is NO OTHER MEDICAL PROCEDURE that requires the follow up questions that this bill would require, and there is NOT A SINGLE proven reason to worry about what the intent of this bill would pretend it’s worried about.

    to follow your logic of whether or not the patient ‘could’ lie … it’s just as likely that she would lie about whether she would have an abortion based on the sex of the child – which is just damn near impossible to know in the state since abortions are technically illegal after the number of weeks one would need to even determine the gender of the fetus.

    pure and simple this is a bill to prevent abortions, and an attempt to be sly about it. it happens every year, just about, in this state. it’s not necessary, unreasonable, and conspiratorial on its face.

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