Billie’s Quickies … In other news “Ms. Steinem, why aren’t you brainwashing well enough?”

bllieddoseHey guys, it’s been a while since we heard about the man from Kentucky found hanging with “Fed” written on his chest. Updates are important to me – and probably to everyone else – and since I hadn’t seen one in a while … here ya go:  “Mr. Trosper agrees that the case is “perplexing” in that police haven’t been able to rule out any of the three possibilities: suicide, accidental death or homicide … But it’s clear that law enforcement hasn’t yet endorsed the notion of Appalachian bogeymen threatening government workers. In fact, the appearance of antigovernment bias in the death could be a smokescreen to cover up what really happened, says Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox.”

  • Tragic: “Every year, at least a dozen children die in overheated cars in the U.S. because parents forgot they were there.  Don’t assume, says the Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten, that it couldn’t happen to you.”
  • Jabberwocky spellchecked … HAHA!  “All missy were the brogues, And the mime rats outrage.”
  • Quit calling me ya “dingledangler!”  And, other flapper phrases you can’t live without.
  • TRUE DAT! “Reporting the facts is important. But so too is not reporting—or at least not focusing, day after day—on the lies.”
  • This truly IS a “WTF moment on oldtime TV” and it couldn’t be summed up better than this:  “Ms. Steinem, why aren’t you brainwashing well enough? First you put a red sock in with my white button-up shirts, then you fail to hand-dry the dishes well enough so there are streaks, and now you aren’t keeping our brains squeaky clean! Unacceptable!”

Finally …