UPDATE: Inappropriate Increase Mr. President

bllieddoseOn the heels of the powers that be deciding that senior citizens will not receive a cost of living increase next year, those same powers have decided not only to go ahead and give military personnel an increase – well deserved to be sure – but also an above-average pay raise, to boot.


Stalling seniors’ social security while their insurance rates and pharmaceutical costs will likely increase, and giving military personnel a half a percent increase is reeaaaallly bad form.  Already seniors are stressed out, already ill seniors are stretched to the max, and ALREADY politicians and politicos have wandered around scaring the bejeezus out of them for no reason other than to advance their own agenda.

YES, those who serve in our military should get an increase … ABSOLUTELY.  However, to increase their salary, and more than even expected,  while freezing seniors out is ridiculous!  Granted the President says he intends to dole out a $250 check to seniors to make up for it – and that is admirable and fair if it is in fact done – but, for those senior citizens who were expecting to get $100 more than that to help pay their bills … it’s just wrong.

Instead, perhaps that military personnel pay increase with the additional 1/2 of 1% could be used to take care of seniors who already are struggling.  Please Mr. President, when that request hits your desk … would you not mind passing a portion of the above expected military increase on to seniors?

UPDATE: I informed my own mother, who is both on social security and medicare, of my intentions after writing this post.  She is the one who heard the gossip in the doctor’s office about the stall of COLA.  She  asked me about when and whether it happened, and I said surely something would be done to make up for it … and as of now there sort of is.  However, I was still quite upset after seeing the increase in the military personnel’s salary, and it inclined me to write this post.  Needless to say, my mother, being an ex military wife, and myself being a military daughter, she hesitantly begged to differ.  Hesitantly.  She, basically says she would agree with the United States Government on this one, and as she would from experience, believes that there should be an increase for “hazard pay.”  Of course, mother is right.  And, it’s not where I disagreed with her, or anyone else.

What I disagree with is that my mother continues to go to the food bank, she continues to collect her much deserved social security disability, and medicare … and that recent cut, to me,  didn’t cut it.  Yet, my mother, knowing what it’s like to be a military wife, after hearing me tell her of the one half of one percent increase on top of a 3% expected increase in pay for military personnel said something to the effect of: They deserve it. I understand.  They put themselves in harm’s way.  For that, I am thankful she raised me so. But on behalf of all military personnel that can’t help their parents through old age, and those whose parents have divorced but still are military creatures, I’m doing my best to speak on behalf of ex military wives/husbands and children of divorce – they could use a little help as they age, too … they may not have the VA, but they may be as war-wounded as the veterans who served so well.


  1. Yeah, it makes perfect sense to give more money to people who had their whole lives to plan and save for their retirement rather than people who are serving their country and being grossly underpaid.

  2. Yes, it does, Social Security is borrowed money, and money citizens of the United States invest in their whole entire lives … with interest to be returned upon retirement.
    If you don’t believe you should receive social security … I’m sure the government won’t complain if you give it back :).

  3. Give it back? I don’t invest anything, they stole it from me in the first place. SS is the biggest scam and broken promise in our history.

    And it was never supposed to be borrowed money. It was supposed to be placed in your individual account for when you retire. Instead they’ve raided the “trust fund” and now all we do is pay into a Ponzi scheme.

  4. then opt out. go off the grid. plenty of place pay under the table. you’re a part of the system, and if it unsatisfactory to you, there are plenty of ways to get around it. be creative…it’s really not that difficult.

    you’re not wesley snipes, you probably won’t get harassed.

    also, the military is getting a much needed increase and deservedly so.

    seniors could benefit from 1/2 of one percent since more than a few of them have had to live paycheck to paycheck just like the military … and many of those receiving social security also are receiving benefits through the VA that civilians don’t.

    really, your argument is kinda pointless, and if it continues along the lines of the government is stealing my money for ponzi schemes…and it continues with argument with no solutions … you’ll be talking to yourself. the above post was not meant to be a discussion of all things wrong and inappropriate about taxes, bailouts, etc. so, staying on topic would be great. mine was a suggestion as to what to do with a surplus increase on top of an increase when a decrease was given to others who also deserve a COLA.

    also, if you prefer to argue who is more deserving of social security money, or how better to serve the public by taxing or not taxing, or social security vs. fend for yourself in your old age … that’s another matter, and there probably will be another post where it’s the perfect opportunity to do that.


    long story short, you’re wasting your “breath” – at least with me – by being off topic.

  5. Sorry for going off topic. I guess the “give it back” line set me off on a bit of a tangent. When you have a post more suited to an overall SS discussion, I’d be glad to share some thoughts on the problems and possible solutions.

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