Kill Bill, Volume 1

First off, I want to thank Tommy for asking me to blog here. I think political blogging is best when there’s an exchanglee_stranahan_daily_dosee of ideas and voices. I’m honored to be able to add mine to the great work Billie and Tommy are already doing here.

That being said, let’s jump into it…

“The highway is alive tonight,
But nobody’s kiddin’ nobody about where it goes.”

– Bruce Springsteen, The Ghost of Tom Joad

As Tommy mentioned, I’m an advocate of health care reform. Congress has been busy for months working different proposals and this week, the House version emerged– one that’s been hailed by many, including Howard Dean, as ‘real reform’.

I believe the house bill should be killed.

There’s something that happens in casinos. A gambler may have been playing for hours and winning. Then they begin to get fatigued. They get tired of playing so they start playing sloppy. Rather than walking away from the table, the tired gambler starts to take a perverse pleasure in losing because it means they can finally STOP. So they grin while throwing money away and eventually when they are broke, they walk away from the table.

The casino doesn’t take those chances. They replace dealers with fresh ones, regularly. They have pit bosses watching those dealers. They have other bosses watching those pit bosses.

The battle for health care reform is battle against huge corporate interests. Those interests don’t get tired and there are billions at stake here. They have ground down health care reform for months, including plying key Congressman and the Obama administration with piles of cash that any casino would salivate at.


  1. […] After about a year of doing politics blogging at my friend Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog, Bob and I have agreed to end that arrangement. And today, I began blogging about politics at my friend Tommy Christopher’s Blog Daily Dose. My first piece is posted there now, about health care reform. […]

  2. I have oddly mixed feelings about this. On one hand, the current legislation, as I understand it, will likely cost me and my family a good big chunk of money – I don’t currently insure my nearly 50-year old ‘domestic partner’, but if insurance is mandated and it is available to him through me (and it is), I’ll have to pay something between 600-
    900/month for our family policy (taking into account the current trend in rate hikes). While I’m certainly not looking forward to this, I feel that if this is all we can wrest from the greedy, murderous hands of the corporatocracy, and if it does make it possible for those without any insurance to finally be able to have it, well, … so be it. I don’t expect this to be forever, and I’m old enough that the timeline I realistically hope for won’t really matter for me. But. I know how dismally my candidate of choice (Dennis Kucinich), who embodied the ideological stance I consider ideal, did in the primaries and dropped out early. Why? Because he wouldn’t play footsie with the forces of corporate doom. I would even go so far as to say that NO ONE who refused to cuddle up to raw, old-school robber-baron style evil would have the ability (at this juncture in history) to be elected to the highest office in the land.

    So we settle for the best option among those who *could* get elected, and we make sure our voices continue to be REALLY REALLY LOUD in favor of our progressive ideals — that has made a difference, and it will continue to.

    Look at it this way — the current bill may suck. But if it loses, make no mistake it is the biggest possible coup the corporate/neocon interests could score against the Obama presidency. Letting that happen could open the floodgates of doom like nobody’s business.

    If there’s anything hopeful to cling to, it’s this: there is compelling evidence to suggest that President Obama has his eyes on a much, much larger prize: long-term historical significance – way beyond being the first African-American President. That’s practically a historical footnote, his ambitions are a bit loftier. And he knows very well that can’t be attained by spending his whole 8 years bowing to corporate masters. But he can’t even have 8 years without playing along to some degree.

    Sorry to blather so, I did enjoy your post and respect your efforts to continue holding the Administration’s feet to the fire. We need a lot of tireless fire-feet-holders to get us through, it’s not a pleasant job 🙂

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