In Defense of Sarah Palin’s Alleged ‘Retarded Baby’ Jokes


At the risk of being accused, again, of link-baiting, I feel the need to come to Sarah Palin’s defense here.  Levi Johnston is all over the TV in the run-up to the revelation of his Johnston in Playgirl, and promising of Palin that he will “leak some things on her.”  Thanks for that visual.

One of those leaks is that Palin, apparently, would make “retarded baby” jokes about son Trig.

I’m sure most people already realize this, but for those who don’t, understand that families who go through traumatic struggles often resort to humor as a way to cope.  Good famlilies, bad families, we all say things in the safe confines of our nuclear units that we would never say in public.  There’s an unspoken context bred through familiarity that makes it tough to explain to an outsider.

I haven’t seen many liberals trying to make hay out of this, but maybe I just don’t get out enough.  I think everyone realizes that Levi is not the wagon that anyone wants to be hitched to.

Palin’s response was somewhat rich.  She aptly sizes Levi up as an attention whore, but then the former beauty queen and serial winker slams him for “selling his body” by appearing in Playgirl.  I suppose it’s a matter of degree.

Even if you don’t like Palin, the fact that 71% of Americans don’t think she’s qualified to be President even as the other 29% stand ready to make her their nominee is comforting.  Even better is the prospect of Palin continuing to torpedo Republicans in favor of 3rd party candidates.  Go Palin Party!

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