Can’t Someone Fun Buy NBC?

I like the idea of GE selling NBC Universal, but to Comcast? I guess anything beats being a cog in the military industrial complex. Actually, it kinda makes sense that GE would dump NBC–they haven’t exactly been catapulting the propaganda the way they did back in the day. But going from being owned by a huge military contractor to being owned by a cable giant that would take carnal pleasure in ending net neutrality is not much of an improvement for democracy.

Not creeped out yet? How about this lovely nugget–the former president of News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch’s right hand man since the mid-nineties, Peter Chernin, is consulting Comcast on the deal.

Even if this isn’t some diabolical strategy to create a second Fox Network and to run Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann back to Air America and ESPN respectively, I do have serious reservations about Comcast’s ability to run a vacuum cleaner, much less a vertically integrated media behemoth. As proof I offer this horrendous Comcast commercial that shamelessly rips off the sound of anti-folk darling Kimya Dawson with absolutely none of her soul.


Billie’s Quickies … “How degraded, barbaric and depraved a society becomes when it lifts the taboo on torturing captives.”


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Kill the Pseudo-Public Option

As I’ve mentioned before, RJ Eskow is a fair, knowledgeable source on health care reform issues. So when he begins to come out against the health care bill, you should listen.

…while it’s wise to be realistic, there are two critical tests for reform: Is it an improvement over what we have today? And is it structured so that further improvements can be made as it becomes politically feasible to do so? There are significant problems with both the House and the Senate versions that could cause the final bill to fail one or both of these tests.

Read RJ’s whole piece here.

Another Huge Poll: 72% “Fringe” Supports Public Option


This is for you, Joe Scarborough. Yet another poll shows ridiculously high support for a public health insurance option.


The rest of the poll is rife with the kinds of contradictions that arise from the gap between what people want, and what they are willing to do for it. What a surprise, for example, that a poll of people who 89% of have health insurance think that health care reform is too focused on insuring the uninsured, as opposed to controlling costs. As if insuring the uninsured does nothing to control costs.

To be clear, I think polling is irrelevant to whether the public option is a good idea. The public can be idiots. I mention it because the public option is a good idea, and since the public supports it so overwhelmingly, there’s no good reason for the Democrats not to pass it.