Buy health insurance or go to jail?

bllieddoseJeezus Lord … *sigh*

No, you will not go to jail if you don’t purchase insurance, but what you WILL do is be fined if you DON’T PAY your taxes- if YOUR STATE EVEN BOTHERS TO OPT IN – and maaaayyyybe, go to jail if you CONTINUE to not pay your taxes.

So, essentially, what republicans on the floor raved about Saturday was taxes, not health insurance reform.


Also typically, they mislead those who don’t pay attention to make it seem as if those who can’t afford health insurance (those who would be given a hardship waiver) or those who simply refuse to because they don’t want it so are taxed and whiny will be rounded up and put in prison – which is totally untrue.  Also, they AS PER USUAL fail to note that there is an OPT OUT provision for any state that wishes to do so … and they’ve made it clear they ALL wish to do so.   (And, don’t all of us who don’t ‘pay income tax’ … and were disparaged last year … get a tax return anyway, refunding a bunch of our money back to us?) Therefore if this EVEN PASSES, they will be able to avoid this all together.   To all of this I say what a bunch of HOOEY!

“… if and when Congress actually manages to pass a bill, the real action may well be in the states, which could have a surprising degree of autonomy in determining how they implement the federal legislation, and whether it delivers on the promise of curbing soaring costs and providing coverage for the nearly 50 million uninsured. Though most everyone recognizes that the Federal Government can’t impose a rigid approach …”

Give those states who wish to participate the opportunity to do so, keep your STUPID opt out, and then BUTT out!  Really, isn’t this what Republicans have been proposing all all along, the ‘across state lines’ purchasing power?  If that’s the case, well, those states who opt out can all band together and purchase health insurance from each other.  Meanwhile, those of us who actually prefer a little reform can move to states that prefer the government option.  Then, everyone is happy.  Some have federally covered health reform and some don’t (which is dumb, but whatever).

Whatever passes or doesn’t pass, it BETTER NOT pass with this Stupak Amendment SH**!!



  1. Splitting hairs, aren’t you? Yes, you will be fined and face jail time if you don’t pay the additional taxes that will be levied onto you if you don’t “maintain acceptable health insurance”. Again, here’s how it works

    -Government mandates that you get acceptable (as defined by the government) health insurance
    -You don’t comply with the mandate, the government taxes you.
    -You don’t pay the tax the government levy on you for non-compliance with the mandate? The government fines you and sends you to jail.

    By the way, about the option to “opt out”, that does not applies to the taxes and fees needed to pay for this plan. So what governor will tell his constituents that their state will opt out of the federal mandate, but don’t worry, we’ll pay the taxes anyway…?

    So tell me Billy: Why do you insult the intelligence of your readers this way?

  2. well for one thing…i know how to read and can correctly spell people’s names. so that it is item number one.

    item two, please find me the percentage of people who have gone to prison for not paying fines – which will likely be deducted from their paycheck right along with their social security. of those where the tax is not immediately deducted from their paycheck it is likely they are off the grid and it does not matter and they are unlikely to be caught as they are not a criminal laundering millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    item three, please point me to where in the BILL THAT IS NOT YET FINAL that it says federal taxes will be levied on those states that opt out.

    item four, i don’t insult anyone’s intelligence.

    item five, isn’t it true that you do not even live in the united states … frankly i’m not sure how much you’re grasping here.

  3. Additionally, those who likely would be jailed IF THAT WOULD EVER EVEN HAPPEN since there IS NO FINAL BILL…not sure why no one is grasping this concept … those who likely would be punished or jailed or fined or whatever would be those large businesses who refuse to provide health insurance to their employees – and those businesses with 50+ employees, there only are about 2% who don’t … and they’re the same who don’t provide a living wage so i personally don’t have that much sympathy for that two percent.

  4. Soo… are we getting a little snarky too…? I’m not saying that I’m surprised, because the essence of a socialist is believing that you are better than those that don’t agree with you. Anyway, I sent you a link, pointing to a letter written by Thomas A. Barthold. He is the Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (they have a nice website here).

    My spelling is not perfect; I apologize, English is my second language… but I can read and Mr. Barthold letter explains what will happen to you if you don’t obey the government mandate. If you did not read it, go ahead and do it, and point me to where I’m wrong.

    You want me to point you to the bill “THAT IS NOT YET FINAL”…? Well, I thought you had a copy… Didn’t you write right there in the second paragraph of your post “if YOUR STATE EVEN BOTHERS TO OPT IN”? Where did you read that they had that option? Please, give me the URL and I will gladly point you to where it says, “federal taxes will be levied on those states that opt out”. Well.. don’t bother… there’s no bill in the senate yet, as per senate majority leader Harry Reid…

    Finally, last time I checked Kissimmee, FL is part of the U.S.…it might not be the beltway, but we got cable and Internet… just enough to be well informed, but…I’m sure that even if I lived in New York or Chicago you’ll still find a way of calling me an ignorant…

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