“Ambiguous issues of a complicated kind”




  1. At 3:45 in, Chomsky makes a common improper argument about U.S. spending on foreign aid.

    I am very familiar with this criticism, because it was leveled at the United States after the tsunami in 2005 (while I was working with the Red Cross.)

    America took a beating, because the only tally that mattered to the elites was that coming from government coffers. Yet the amount given by private American citizens, going specifically for that cause, was the single greatest by a big multiple. When you factor in private donations, there is no nation as generous as the United States. It’s not even close.

    (I stopped the video at the 4 minute mark, because I had to leave this comment and scoot on… but did Chomsky go on to blast the improper banning of DDT for the 50-million deaths it caused? Or would that be too controversial for his fan base on the left to own up to?)

  2. well, ike, since the topic was abortion, and it would be something that perhaps should be reserved for another time, the answer is no … he did not expand on the topic of which you take issue.

    your issue with chomsky is your own, and the ‘fan base on the left’ – yours truly included – no doubt have their own separate issues with other ideas of chomsky’s.

    too bad you couldn’t have listened to an interesting philosophical debate without judging the entire left. shame.

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