The Open Secret


angle by Lee Stranahan

HuffPost reports that NY Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer was on CBS’s Face the Nation this morning and saying he is “assuring his more conservative Democratic colleagues that the public option included in the Senate bill is "modest" and not the first step in a government takeover of the insurance industry.”

One small problem – nearly every progressive I read in the blogosphere who is defending this health care reform bill is doing so by explaining how it actually IS a first step towards a Single Payer government takeover of the insurance industry.

Progressives who support the bill making it’s way through Congress aren’t shy about saying that the current bill has lots of problems but that a puyblic option will be expanded and improved upon until it will eventually lead to a real Universal Health Care system. Should we be hoping that Schumer is successful in tricking his fellow Senators?


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  1. Government by deceit?
    What a concept…
    Long live democracy!

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