It begins … again

Now is the time – with Navy SEALs facing a court-martial, and with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to face trial in New York – for the familiar name calling to begin.

The rule of law is the rule of law, and the laws of war are just that.  These are the laws that keep us civilized and hold us accountable.  No one is above these laws, and no one should be … as much as anyone would like to wish their own culpability away.

However, in this country each person has the right to a fair and speedy trial whomever they are  or for whatever they stand accused.  It is for these reasons I love my country, and appreciate how hard those who do battle on my behalf work – whether it be on the literal battlefield or a court of law or in a city council meeting.

But, now is the time when this retired and deceased Army Master Sergeant’s daughter must – along with every other liberal patriot, and perhaps every other liberal soldier – face stinging allegations of being lovers of terrorism, face charges of supporting those who would do us harm, and (most ridiculously) hear the ignorant charges of  ‘treason,’ which not only is factually incorrect, but insulting.

Taking politics personally is what destroys constructive discourse, and refusing to have a civil debate without hurling accusations at another who not only likely understands what our civil servants and soldiers endure, but also may directly know how it affects their families is uncalled for, and sad.

In a perfect world, we know the outcome of all things.  In a perfect world, we know every little pain someone is enduring in order to provide the appropriate response or assistance.  In a perfect world, the intentions of the accused are known, and justice is always served.

We do not live in a perfect world.  We live in a complicated-shades-of-gray-world, where little is what it seems and where we don’t know the whole story.  Have patience with each other.  Let each of the accused stand trial, and let them be punished or proved innocent according to the law.

That said, each and every male influence on my life in my family has been in the military, and when you call me a ‘terrorist lover’ or anything nearing that description because I prefer to adhere to the rules of law, when each of these men helped to shape who I am today, you are using fighting words …. make no mistake, I AM MY FATHER’S DAUGHTER … that sort of talk is unacceptable from either side.

P.S.  Oh, also, Mr. President please release those who are being held without charge to the country of their origin.  Thx.


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