Billie’s Quickies … The lucky majority, telltale wombs, and mass delusion

Hey, lucky majority with employer based coverage, here’s some open enrollment advice!

A most excellent NPR piece – The Telltale Wombs Of Lewiston, Maine – “For most Americans this is an incredibly difficult idea to accept: It’s hard to understand that more care isn’t necessarily better for you.  But study after study has borne out the truth of this completely anti-intuitive conclusion. In fact, Fisher and other researchers estimate that almost one-third of the care given in our country today is that kind of care — care that isn’t really helping people.”

  • This is a really nice article that has less to do with the President, and more to do with the management of the land “From time to time the American people participate in a mass delusion about how their government works … This is a country that often has transformational ambitions but is saddled with an incremental system, a nation built on revolution, then engineered so the revolutionary can rarely take hold.”
  • Oh, heh, a space toilet.  This makes me think of the recent “Big Bang Theory” teevee show episode wherein they attempt to remotely repair a space toilet. h/t Neatorama
  • Wahoo! Real life Transformers!  h/t Neatorama again
  • Astute! “Even in our disintermediated age, when politicians can connect with voters more directly than ever before, infrastructure matters; politics is still the strong and slow boring of hard boards. There is nothing in Palin’s background to suggest that sort of patience.  The peculiar thing about journalists’ continued emphasis on Palin is that they know all this about her.“
  • Oh, hey, the Library of Congress wrote a thing after 9/11 about major issues and conflicts of Bush’s ‘war on terror’ agenda … here it is. — oh, also, “war on terror,” is in quotations because that’s what his administration named it … not because I’m being somehow sarcastic.  So, save it, in advance … thanks.

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