Billie’s Quickies … Iraq has a navy, SURPRISE ‘the church’ is sexist, and ole crazy eyes hisself

Preach, Maureen talking about some nun! “‘It is the rare bishop,’ Sister X writes, ‘who has any real understanding of the lives women actually lead.’  The church can be flexible, except with women.”

  • Little known fact … Iraq has a Navy. H/T Neatorama.
  • This just about sums up a great post: “Glad I could rock your world with the stunning revelation that makeup makes women prettier, asshole.”
  • Peachy: “The federal anti-rioting statute is serious business, and is seemingly easy to violate. For instance, it is a felony to “organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or […] to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in […] a riot.” By that token, simply telling a person fleeing cops with batons which way to run makes you a felon.”
  • Who doesn’t need a best of the best list o’ downloads all in one place?
  • YouTube channels for history buffs? Yes please!
  • I can haz dr. suess art?
  • Yeah, dance teachers are often harsh.  Also … yeesh! “Cole was a known terror in the dance studio. An inveterate curser, he hurled invectives at even his most faithful followers. During one of his brutal technique classes, he dragged one girl by the hair across a sweat-stained floor while threatening to toss another out a second-story window. When a dancer fainted in rehearsal, others, afraid to stop, hopped awkwardly over her body.”
  • Ole Crazy Eyes hisself!

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