Billie’s Quickies … Americans should feel blessed they don’t have to feel like Iraqis or Afghanis each and every day

Absolutely STUNNINGLY simple drawings … I’d buy one!   And, this is my favorite

  • Gosh I’m a sucker for proper letters. And, THESE, are MYSTERIOUS letters!

    “Please call”
    Americans are blessed to not have to feel this each day.
  • Just like Starbuck’s maple scones?
  • Sad: “The public reception of scientific ideas depends largely on two factors: people’s ability to grasp factual information and the cultural lens through which that information is filtered. The former is what scientists tend to focus on when they give popular accounts of issues such as climate change. The assumption is that if they explain things very, very clearly, everyone will understand. Unfortunately, this is an uphill battle. The general public’s average capacity to weigh facts and numbers is notoriously poor — although there is encouraging evidence that probabilistic reasoning can be improved by targeted education early in life.”
  • The neat collages of Louis Armstrong. I really have a thing for collages, found object art, and the like.  And, these are by LOUIS ARMSTRONG!
  • So, if scientists create artificial eggs and sperm, and discard them once germinated … is it ‘abortion?’
  • These coupon shoppers continue to stun me!  Yes, Diane Sawyer, it DOES make me feel inferior.

    This story
    never gets old … “6-year-old Elena Desserich had only a few days to live and was too sick with cancer to speak, so she expressed her love for her family by hiding hundreds of love notes all over their house.”
  • The reason this article is pointless is apparent when the author sums it up: “ … how much long-term anonymity we can expect as computers become more and more identifiable through MAC addresses and perhaps CPU serial numbers.”  THE END.

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