Guess who’s also responsible for escalation in Afghanistan?


So.  We’re sending more troops to Afghanistan to help citizens there defend themselves from Al Quaeda according to the powers that be.  And, we’re running drones into Pakistan to chase some baddies back into Afghanistan (from what I’m understanding) so they don’t get their hands on “the nukes.”



Here we are.  In what seems to be a situation where if we drop everything and leave, there will be major bloodshed in Afghanistan (those who disagree have a valid argument … tho it’s not mine) and if we stay for too much longer, not only are we engaged in the longest war ever for us, we also are engaging in nation building which is TOTALLY not our job and may be counterproductive (Dambisa Moyo has a few thoughts on that topic.)

*Sigh* again.  Progressives, Liberals, Conservatives, and Tea Partiers are going for each others throats.  And, right now … on the issue of Afghanistan … the left is being as vicious as the most hard core of the right.  The left is taking on the tactics of those who would call pacifists “pro-terrorist” for wanting to end a war by shouting that other liberals have “bloodlust.” This is not acceptable and has no place in civil discourse.

Our newly elected President is between a rock and a hard place.  But, guess what?  So are we.  Can you guess why?

Well, it’s us.  And, it isn’t for electing Barack Obama to be President.  We – THE PEOPLE – also elect those who check the President.  And, while the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and our representative, he is held accountable to others.

Each and every time we “call out” the President for things he has yet to follow through on, we must call out EVEN MORE LOUDLY those who represent our states.  Remember, it is THEY who vote, ultimately, and approve whether or not to add more forces to Afghanistan.  If a majority of them vote in the affirmative … and you are not in agreement … IT IS YOUR DUTY to hold them accountable.

We rushed to war last time … with a few voting not to go.  This time, our President “dithered.”  He waited … he used intelligence that neither you nor I have, and he acted on that intelligence.  Face it, the press didn’t ask the questions that needed to be asked during the last administration, and now they may be asking the wrong questions attempting to make up for it.  They are who stands face to face with the President and Congress – they ALSO are responsible for asking relevant questions.  Hold the press accountable for that.  I say to shout from the rooftops “BETTER QUESTIONS PLEASE!”  Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? It REALLY is that simple.

“Where is everybody? For God’s sake!”

The reason we’re all responsible for the current happenings and the reason is simple, we re-elected the same people who allowed the past eight years to be held to no account. And, when the current President is before us, the fourth estate that stands between us and him asks about golf or polls or television series (*wink*), then what are we expected to really learn from him?

You … and … I.  We did it.  We let it happen the first time, and we are now stuck in a situation where we have to be, in my opinion, fair and responsible.  No, not whatever the cost, but responsible.  We got us into this.  Now, let’s get us out!  I have “the end of next summer” marked in my calendar, do you?  Mine is in GIANT YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER reading “OUT OF IRAQ” … in PEN!  And, if the President I voted for does not begin moving out of Iraq by then, he will have lost my trust, and not get my vote.

How about we don’t allow ourselves to be misled this time?  How about we keep some measure of cool, and really really listen to what is being said? And, how about we hold those who hold our national representative, the President, to account … well … to account?  How about we hold ourselves accountable and vote them out of office if they defy our wishes? This step doesn’t begin every four years with the election of a President.  It begins sooner than that … and it begins under your feet.

Our community organizer President understood working from the bottom up … why don’t we?


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