Billie’s Quickies … Has Michael Vick really served his time?

Now THIS, is how ‘an eye for an eye’ is accomplished!

Periodic tables –  Yay!

Hey, these flexible tripods are pretty cool … I wish I were a photographer, I’d get one.

Great holiday idea for the kids!

  • Good mood foods!
  • Ever wonder if you’re hidden in the background of strangers’ photos?  Well, there’s a website for that.  H/T Neatorama
  • “… however many times dog lovers hear such advice, they’re not getting any closer to taking it. That’s because not only has Vick not served one minute in prison for animal cruelty, he was far more cruel to his dogs than most of his defenders seem to realize.”
  • On the wondrously weird glory that is Cheez Whiz: “… screwing up my courage, which I will admit to not having much of at the time, I shoved the entire fork full into my mouth. I stood there for a second trying to figure out what I had just done and to see if my gag reflex would kick in. When it did not kick right in I let my self actually taste the strange concoction for the first time. OH what bliss! It was cheese….and it was in a can! It tasted sharper than I was use to but in a good melty kind of way.”
  • Not surprising, but still funny: “Researchers were conducting a study comparing the views of men in their 20s who had never been exposed to pornography with regular users.  But their project stumbled at the first hurdle when they failed to find a single man who had not been seen it.  ‘We started our research seeking men in their 20s who had never consumed pornography,’ said Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse. ‘We couldn’t find any.’”
  • History on YouTube? Yes Please!  This time with historical moments.
  • I LOOOOVE tongue twisters!  Here are some to try.
  • Yup!  “Independents are fickle. Really, did we need 2009 to teach us this? No. It’s why they are independents.”
  • A VERY talented dancer by any standards … with a catch … an unexpected brilliant catch!  I love this sort of thing.
  • This is fantastic!  As of 2006: “Conceptual artist, Marian Heyerdahl, has so far created 20 out of 70 replicas of the terra-cotta warriors in female form each of which carries a special message — war is suffering beyond what can be imagined. Heyerdahl hopes to get this message across to people through these statues.”   I wonder if she’s done yet?  H/T Neatorama … hey, I’m making my way through hundreds of pages.
  • “Miranda Piker now pushed forward and stood in front of Mr Wonka. She was a nasty-looking girl with a smug face and a smirk on her mouth, and whenever she spoke it was always with a voice that seemed to be saying: ‘Everybody is a fool except me.’”
  • Too much to read, too little time.  The 100 Best Books of the Decade.
  • A homemade cruelty-free mousetrap?  I’ll take it!
  • The power and peculiar pain of ‘No’:  “It’s good to tell girls that it’s never too late to say “no.” But we must also teach our kids the importance of waiting for a “yes”—because by the time someone can say “no,” it may already be too late.”

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