Why did “Time” expire an article directly relating to Mike Huckabee?

Just last month it was announced that the Supreme Court was set to determine whether it is “unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment to send a juvenile away to prison for life, without the possibility of parole for a crime that does not involve a death …”

Time pulled the article. When, I can’t say, nor can I say why, but NPR left its article up, as did the LA Times, and others.

The CNN sister company decided to remove an article that is widely posted and available currently for viewing online, while choosing to leave up stories from farther back than 1979.  It chose to leave up an article directly referencing the case … but it took down THAT particular article in what must have been shortly after the connection between Huckabee and the man who stood accused of murdering four officers in a coffee shop was himself killed.

Seems strange.  It’s not a particularly surprising issue to be heard by the highest court in the land … why was it removed from Time’s website?  To make an issue more controversial by removing the fact that it wasn’t?  Hmm, that’s a shame.


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