Billie’s Quickies … Facts are important things, and stuffing is nectar from the gods

I really don’t have a lot of comment about holiday politics, and I’m not sure how politics could quite be brought into what could have been a tragic flight for many people … SO, on with the quickies.  Oh, aside from the stalling of the President’s appointments … that’s rather counterproductive.

  • Well Put: “…to ignore the circumstances of this particular shooting would be like saying Oswald was just some random wacko whose actions occurred in a total vacuum, that the Cold War, his Marxist sympathies, the fact that he lived in the Soviet Union for a time, were all basically irrelevant. They weren’t. And while the are are many things we don’t yet–and may never–know about Nidal Malik Hasan and what drove him to commit such an evil act, we can’t ignore the things we do know. If only because, by ignoring them, we allow others, like Malkin and her ilk, to try to define them for us.”
  • The President did not ‘invoke’ incest or marrying children with regard to the civil rights of gays to marry.  What he did was cite examples of invocation of  STATES’ judicial issues – cited with about 100 other references to state issues, including ROE V. WADE.  These are valid arguments whether they seem morally reprehensible or not.
  • “AskMen’s” idea of “reforming a ‘needy’ girlfriend is to provide the same respect to her that you would to everyone else? Well, that’s weird.
  • I don’t know about you, but I’ll take gravy and stuffing recipes ANY time of year.
  • Chirorizo Pumpkin seed stuffing, too?  Oh. My. Gosh.
  • Well isn’t that just great: “Holocaust survivors at greater risk for cancer, study finds” Unfair!
  • Beautiful ironwork VW Bug. So pretty. H/T NotCot.   And, here is the door of a train, too.
  • One “Shemergency Kit” please!
  • Coffee cups are the funnest.
  • I ADORE watching people’s ideas take shape H/T Neatorama:
  • Oh, yay! The BIBLIOburro.  I just like to say it … biblioburro, biblioburro.  Remember bookmobiles?  Same thing, but with a DONKEY.  How cool is that?

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