The (other) L-Word

You ever notice how sometimes little kids like to make up insults that have no real meaning? My four-year-old cousin does it all the time. “You’re a cat.” Okay, sweetie, whatever. Bedtime now, off goes the Sesame Street.

As usual, when I think we as a culture have grown out of doing something that little kids do, I’m wrong. I hear another common word being tossed around with all the weight of a pejorative, but this one’s gained some barbs to it. It causes people at whom it’s directed to flinch, to change their positions, to backtrack, to do whatever they can to make this horrible accusation untrue – even if it doesn’t apply to them anyway.

This terrible word, this word which makes grown men twitch on live TV and babies shriek in their beds, etc., etc.: Liberal. Continue reading


10 Best ‘Stalker Rock’ Songs

Have you ever been singing along to a song for the 100th time, when suddenly, you realize that something’s not quite right about it? Maybe you’ve howled out the chorus every other time, but never paid attention to a key verse, and now you have that disquieting urge to seek a restraining order … for yourself. That, my friends, is “Stalker Rock.”

We’re not talking about overtly creepy songs, either, like The Police’s “Every Breath You Take,” or Eminem’s “Kim,” but rather, songs that sound upbeat and poppy until you get to that key moment in the song. For example, there’s that point in The Turtles’ “Happy Together” where you realize the entire song is hypothetical.

To save you the embarrassment of gifting your honey with an inadvertantly terrifying mixtape/playlist, we have assembled a list of the creepiest songs you’ll ever tap a toe to.

867-5309 (Jenny) – Tommy Tutone

One of the catchiest songs of all time is also one of the creepiest. Ostensibly an ode to men’s room graffiti, the song’s narrator quickly develops an unhealthy fixation on the titular good-time girl. Still, it’s got to be better than their initial effort, "Here I Sit, Broken-Hearted."

Disturbing Lyric: Tell me if this doesn’t put a queasy picture in your head. The guy is pondering Jenny’s phone number in a bathroom stall, and says "I tried my imagination, but I was disturbed." AWK-ward.

Tommy Tutone 867-5309 (Jenny)
by Celtiemama

Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield

The premise alone is pretty creepy. Rick notices his pal, Jesse, has got himself a girl and he wants to make her his. What puts this in "altar-building" mode is the painstaking detail with which Rick describes his quarry’s activities. Watching him with those eyes, lovin’ him with that body, makin’ him omelets with that Magic Bullet…okay, that last one’s made up, but you get the idea.

Disturbing Lyric: "You know, I feel so dirty when they start talkin’ cute…" You’re a dude, you don’t get to "feel dirty."


Don’t You Want Me, Baby – Human League

This has got to be the catchiest, most danceable threat of murder/suicide ever. The "He said/She said" verses are the novelty of this song, but after she says she still wants to split up, he drops this…

Disturbing Lyric: "It’s much to late to find, you think you’ve changed your mind. You’d better change it back, or we will both be sorry…"

Human League – Don’t You Want Me Baby(Live)
by jorgeindex

Hello – Lionel Richie

Set aside, for the moment, the uber-creepy video that culminates in that zombie Lionel sculpture. Lionel, if you want to know how to win her heart, but you haven’t got a clue, you definitely don’t start by saying "I love you." You start by saying "Why don’t we grab some coffee?" or "Hey, how do you sculpt so good when you’re all blind and stuff?"

Disturbing Lyric: "and in my dreams, I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times…" And in those dreams, your lips are cracked and bleeding after kiss #643.

Just My Imagination – The Temptations

When a normal guy sees a hot girl pass by his window, he thinks "Damn! She was hot! Wonder if she likes dollar drafts?" The narrator of this Motown classic constructs an elaborate inner life with said hottie, spilling over into psycho territory with the addition of "2 children, maybe 3." Having a brief dirty thought is one thing, knitting booties is another.

Disturbing Lyric: "Every night, on my knees, I pray…" That’s great, a stalker on a mission from God.

One Way or Another – Blondie

This one seems a little obvious, as Debbie Harry talks literally about following you around. What took me awhile to notice is that, halfway through the song, she flips a switch and wants to lose you. That takes her from obsessed stalker to unhinged bunny boiler, in my book.

Disturbing Lyric: "I will drive past your house, and if the lights are all down, I’ll see who’s hangin’ around." Time to install those motion-sensing floodlights that used to make you crap your pants when you’d go pool-hopping.

Blondie – One Way Or Another
by jpdc11

I’ll be Around – The Spinners

Things are going along fine through most of the chorus, with the overly-attentive-but-not-quite creepy "I’ll be there…" refrain, but then they take an ominous turn at the end with "I’ll be around…" Just what every girl wants, a suitor who can emerge from the shadows at the slightest provocation.

Disturbing Lyric: "…sparks turn into flames…" Is this a love song, or an arson threat?

I’ll Be Around – Spinners
by vthik

Is She Really Going Out With Him? – Joe Jackson

As a general rule, any time your song takes place "from your window," you’re off to a bad start. The character in this Joe Jackson song is a serial killer in the making, taking the existence of every woman’s boyfriend as a personal insult. What sounds like a mopey loser’s lament veers into Ted Bundy territory with this…

Disturbing Lyric: "But if looks could kill, there’s a man there who is marked down as dead…take your hands off her head…" What the…why does her boyfriend have his hands on her head? Who’s the psycho here, anyway?

Joe Jackson – Is She Really Going Out With Him
by jpdc11

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Better known as the "Rick Roll Song," this insistent ditty trades in creepy absolutes. Never gonna give you up. Inside, we both know what’s been going on. Gotta make you understand. But the kicker is this…

Disturbing Lyric: "You’re heart’s been aching but you’re too shy to say it." No, Rick, it’s because you put duct tape over her mouth.


Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

I have to give Avril props for kicking out some hardcore profanity, lessened somewhat by the fact that she follows the word "MFin’" with the word "princess." Still, this is one hard sell that the average guy could do without. I dare you to tell Avril, "Hey, baby, there’s enough of me to go around!"

Disturbing Lyric:
"Better yet, make your girlfriend disappear. I don’t wanna hear you say her name ever again." So, first, she has you rub out your GF, and for good measure, tears out your larynx. No thanks.

Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend (Radio Edit)
by mixshow

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Our community organizer President understood working from the bottom up … why don’t Democrats and Progressives?

*Sigh*” again.

Well, I talked about taking responsibility on a local level, and it went unheeded.  So, here we are …  a centerfold for senator.  Well, I shall repost the important bits:

*Sigh* again.  Progressives, Liberals, Conservatives, and Tea Partiers are going for each others throats.  And, right now … the left is being as vicious as the most hard core of the right.  The left is taking on the tactics of those who would call pacifists “pro-terrorist” for wanting to end a war by shouting that other liberals have “bloodlust.” This is not acceptable and has no place in civil discourse.

Our newly elected President is between a rock and a hard place.  But, guess what?  So are we.  Can you guess why?

Well, it’s us.  And, it isn’t for electing Barack Obama to be President.  We – THE PEOPLE – also elect those who check the President.  And, while the President is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and our representative, he is held accountable to others.

Each and every time we “call out” the President for things he has yet to follow through on, we must call out EVEN MORE LOUDLY those who represent our states.  Remember, it is THEY who vote, ultimately, and approve whether or not to add more forces to Afghanistan.  If a majority of them vote in the affirmative … and you are not in agreement … IT IS YOUR DUTY to hold them accountable.

Face it, the press didn’t ask the questions that needed to be asked during the last administration, and now they may be asking the wrong questions attempting to make up for it.  They are who stands face to face with the President and Congress – they ALSO are responsible for asking relevant questions.  Hold the press accountable for that.  I say to shout from the rooftops “BETTER QUESTIONS PLEASE!”  Who?What?When?Where?Why?How? It REALLY is that simple.

The reason we’re all responsible for the current happenings and the reason is simple, we re-elected the same people who allowed the past eight years to be held to no account. And, when the current President is before us, the fourth estate that stands between us and him asks about golf or polls or television series (*wink*), then what are we expected to really learn from him?

You … and … I.  We did it.  We let it happen the first time, and we are now stuck in a situation where we have to be, in my opinion, fair and responsible.  No, not whatever the cost, but responsible.  We got us into this.  Now, let’s get us out!

How about we don’t allow ourselves to be misled this time?  How about we keep some measure of cool, and really really listen to what is being said? And, how about we hold those who hold our national representative, the President, to account … well … to account?  How about we hold ourselves accountable and vote them out of office if they defy our wishes? This step doesn’t begin every four years with the election of a President.  It begins sooner than that … and it begins under your feet.

Our community organizer President understood working from the bottom up … why don’t we?

On MSNBC’s “Obama’s America” – Respecting each other’s humanity is such a pain in the ass …

As per usual, Melissa Harris Lacewell, aka “The Voice of Reason,”  was so thoughtful on the panel for MSNBC’s “Obama’s America” that after she was away from the panel – it seemed for a long while – I had to stop watching.

And, as I watched my twitter stream, and listened to her bright and insightful responses, I also thought the following video from Jay Smooth, via Ill Doctrine, summed up how I felt.  This commentary of his, along with Lacewell’s, sums up what how I think the evening should have went.



This message is approved by Senator JOHM McCain.

Daily Dose EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s Massachusetts Heckler

I was watching the coverage of the President’s speech at the Martha Coakley rally at Northwestern University today, when I noticed a pro-life heckler shouting. Par for the course anymore, right? I ignored it and kept tweeting. After the speech, they re-ran footage of the heckler being escorted out – and I could not believe my eyes. I had met this man only on Thursday, and he was carrying the same sign. I didn’t get his name at the time, nor did I get his also-protesting young son’s, but we had a very interesting discussion for at least an hour on Thursday afternoon.

It all started because I wanted to finish my tuna sandwich in peace. Continue reading

Kate’s Corner ~ Medical Team abandons Haitian Hospital, CNN steps in

By Kate Doak

Port-au-Prince victims of the Haiti Earthquake were left writhing in pain overnight, after UN personnel ordered the closure of a Make-shift hospital and the evacuation of its Belgian Medical Team, due to security concerns.

In a move which is bound to have severe repurcussions for the UN, the Hospital’s patients were forcably abandoned, leaving only a CNN News Team led by Dr Sanjay Gupta to care for them. If it wasn’t for these individuals and a few caring locals stepping in, it is highly probable that many of the patients would have died.

After being informed that the Hospital was closing overnight, Dr Gupta was left as the only Doctor to care for these patients, many of whom had just suffered severe head injuries and other major trauma’s. In an interview with CNN, Gupta expressed the following:

“What is striking to me as a physician is that patients who just had surgery, patients who are critically ill are essentially being left here, nobody to care for them.”

In another interview with CNN, Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré, US Army (Ret.), who led relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, commented upon the situation:

“Search and Rescue must trump Security. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my life. They need to man up and get back in there.”

Now normally I have the utmost respect for Doctors and the UN, though decisions and actions such as this are just completely unforgivable, not to meantion shameful. If the Doctors were being ordered to move, they should have taken their patients with them. If they weren’t allowed to, they should have given the relevant UN Officials the “Bird”, and carried on with their work. If a location isn’t safe enough for the Medical Team, then it most certainly isn’t safe enough for patients to be just left to die. Whether they were forced to go or not, the Doctors shouldn’t have abandoned their patients.

In contrast however, I have the utmost admiration, appreciation and respect for Dr Gupta and his team from CNN. This team includes CNN’s Tim Crockett, Jonathan Schaer and one of my mentors, the intrepid Danielle Dellorto. Having witnessed her kindness, honesty and wisdom during my own darkest hour, I know that “Dani” would have done her best to help and comfort the injured, while she would have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for the rest of her team. In a world dominated by instant communication, neither words or photographs can describe how proud I am of my mentor and her colleagues.

Here are some of the Tweets from CNN’s Dr Gupta and Danielle Dellorto from throughout the night:

Kate Doak is a Postgraduate Student at the University of New England, Australia.  Over several years she has changed beats twice, genders once and has interviewed some of Australia’s top Authors, Politicians, Musicians and Journalists for TUNE! FM.  Nowadays, Kate primarily focuses on International History and Current Affairs.

UPDATE 3: American Airlines flying free fare Medical Assistance to Haiti NOT a hoax … old fashioned journalism prevails

Early this evening, I saw a retweet to call a New York number with regard to American Airlines and free flights for medical personnel.  Of course, thinking it was a fabulous idea in this horrific circumstance, my autopilot retweeted.

A short time later  I thought ‘hmmm, I wonder if our airport here will be doing the same thing?’  So, I called the number.  Well, it was a busy signal, so I googled the number.  Sure enough it was the Haitian consulate.  Of course, that’s bad news … so I immediately called American Airlines.  At that point, after using the automated service to request ‘agent’ via voice, I  spoke with a VERY HELPFUL young man who said he hadn’t yet heard anything.  While I was pondering I googled American Airlines and twitter to discover whether it was true.

He, shortly after, gave me two media relations phone numbers (don’t ring them off the hook please) — 817-967-1577 for normal business hours and a message hotline 817-931-1348 for after hours.  I left a message detailing my concern about the circulating number on twitter.

The tweet was RTd and RTd and RTd.  Shortly after – 15 min ? – I called the regular line again and spoke with ANOTHER helpful young man at AA who said that it was true that medical personnel – THROUGH American Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, and other such organizations were IN FACT flying free of charge but that Red Cross and the like were arranging this service .. NOT AA and NOT the consulate.  Of course, shortly after, rumor then circulates far and wide that the misinformation as to contact information was A HOAX … which it was not.

So, long story short, apparently mine was the first call inquiring about this, according to the after hours PR person, and it set off a firestorm.  And the twitstorm went from there.  I certainly did my best, amongst may others to clear the air, and let everyone know that American Airlines, along with MANY other airlines are providing these services to medical personnel affiliated with other organizations –NOT INDIVIDUAL DOCTORS AND NURSES.

At any rate, I thought it important that people keep their ideas of flying often with American Airlines due to the circumstances – I DO NOT WORK FOR THEM – but they happen to be the most helpful people in media relations I’ve been in contact with for a while.

I’d say, this is a twesson learned for us.  We become so used to e-technology that we’ve even forgotten how to use a phone book.

For continuing messages from American Airlines, American Red Cross, or Doctors Without Borders (unverified as of yet)  on twitter, please follow:  @airwaves, @redcross for accurate and twitter verified info.

Kate’s Corner: Iran’s explosive situation

By Kate Doak.

Iran’s recent political upheaval took a rather dramatic turn over Tuesday with the assasination of a Nuclear scientist from Tehran University. According to Iran’s semi-official news agency Press TV, Professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi was killed after a bomb hidden on his motorcycle was remotely detonated.

The explosion took place near the professor’s home in Qeytariyeh neighbourhood, in northern Tehran” Press TV stated. Further broadcasts have claimed that Mohammadi was “assassinated in a terrorist act by counter-revolutionary elements,” identifying him as “a committed revolutionary lecturer”.

Regardless of who actually killed the victim however, Mohammadi’s murder represents an escalation within Iran’s already brittle political environment. While Iranian authorities are portraying this as a terrorist act, it’s hard to find any valid reason as to why the Protestors would want to target Mohammadi in particular. Up until now the Protest movement within Iran has also been extremely fragmented, with no identifiable leaders coming forth. As a result, most of the protests have been extremely disorganised. If the Protesters were somehow involved in this attack, then it raises questions as to who organised it and just how stable the Iranian regime really is.

On the other hand, given Mohammadi’s background as a Nuclear Physcist, the Iranian Government would benefit both domestically and abroad from such an attack. In the wake of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Iran has claimed that Mohammadi’s assassination is evidence of Western interference in their domestic affairs. While stalling negotiations, such claims will also allow Iranian authorities the opportunity to maintain their crackdown over their citizens and the independent media.

By refusing to openly support the Opposition movement within Iran during the early Post-election protests,  President Obama may have prevented the United States from becoming the scapegoat of the Iranian authorities over this incident. If so, expect the Democrats to capitalise on Obama’s silence during earlier protests over the coming days.

Billie’s Quickies … “Sometimes, ‘Thanks for what you boys did over there’ isn’t good enough”

Authentic Fondue recipe…like, the REAL Swiss recipe according to the government.

Well, this seems useful in many many capacities.

  • “What should the media be exploring? After refusing to allow coverage for abortions, will Congress let insurers off the hook for subsidized maternity coverage too, and not require them to provide it?”
  • Crash course in adding vinegar to food.  H/T Slashfood
  • Yeah, this isn’t a disaster waiting to happen.
  • As always, well said: “ Politicians represent the people. Journalists don’t. They don’t need to reflect the people, either, including the percentage who are red state and the percentage blue. We have other forums for that, and if they don’t work it’s up to us, not the press, to fix them. We don’t need the press doing what Congress and town council do already, a point on which conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians—everyone—can agree.  But while journalists do not represent the people, they do represent the public, and that is not the same thing.”
  • A photojournalist recalls the tumultuous days of the Iranian revolution.
  • The Debate Over Selling Insurance Across State Lines
  • “‘Seek out stories that cater to angry, middle-aged white men who listen to talk radio and yell at their televisions.’ That’s what Gross recalls hearing. This directive had consequences, but not the kind we would call a conservative tilt or pro-Bush agenda. ‘What followed was a dumbing-down of what had been an ambitious and talented news operation,’ Gross writes. Dumbling down is not a right wing tilt. Nor does it fit into Fair and Balanced. It’s something else.”
  • “When confronted with a journalist who really knows what she is talking about, I am hungry for information and, when the time comes, opinion, analysis, interpretation, a gut feeling, a lasting impression. Whatever they tell pollsters or say in angry letters to the editor, many people believe as I do. Any campaign reporter who has been out in the field with the candidates can tell you how often ‘ordinary’ citizens ask for opinions… ‘Who impresses you?’ ‘What do you think of Clark?’ Why ask a reporter something odd like that? Because they know stuff!
  • Oh Dear!  DO athletes pee on their hands??!
  • BEAUTIFUL picture.
  • History of Rosie the Riveter

    I want these
    and I don’t even watch baseball!
  • Deaf Jazz singer pitch perfect
  • “Military issues are always done as part of the overall authorization bill,” Frank said, insisting that this has been the strategy for overturning the policy all along. “’Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was always going to be part of the military authorization.”
  • A key shaped nutcracker? Totally cool!
  • “You want to know why the military has such a high suicide rate? Be considerate, show compassion, understand that sometimes, ‘Thanks for what you boys did over there’ isn’t good enough. Sometimes it takes a little more. Write a letter, send a package, do something.”