We Should Have Just Elected Hillary

by Lee Stranahan

Happy New Year. One of my resolutions is to do more political blogging here at The Dose. So let’s kick it off with the following questions..

Why the hell didn’t we just elect Hillary as President?

I wasn’t a Hillary supporter. Nope, not me. I was for Barack Obama all the way. See, Obama wasn’t an insider like Hillary. He wasn’t going to be beholden to the special interests and lobbying money. He wasn’t cozied up to the financial industry the way Hillary was. He opposed health care mandates, unlike Hillary.  And Obama wouldn’t pack HIS White House with Clintonites like Rahm Emanuel or Larry Summers.

You see where I’m going with this. We elected Obama but we got The Clintons.

Except worse. The Democratic base wouldn’t be nearly as split as it is right now because we would have known what we were getting. Hillary voted for the invasion of Iraq so an Afghanistan expansion despite no clear road to victory. The current watered down, mandated health care bill is about what I would have thought Hillary would get us.

Plus – and this is the big one – no Sarah Palin. John McCain put up Palin to appeal to pissed off Hillary voters. With HRC as the nominee, McCain would have gone all mavericky and nominated Alan Keyes or Tiger Woods. But the Palin carnival never would have come to town.


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  1. This explains so much. See, I was an Edwards guy from well before anyone even announced they were running – a year before. We were organizing on the net during the summer of ’06 and he didn’t announce until just before New Years. Before he was exposed as a man-whore, he was first in everything. 1st to annoounce, 1st to submit a healthcare plan, 1st to attack the corporate oligarchs. In fact, he was the only viable candidate to attack the corporatists.

    Hillary took Edwards plan and watered that down. Then Barack came along and watered it down even more. But only Edwards came right out IN THE PLAN ITSELF and stated it was merely a first step towards single-payer, that a public option would put the insurance companies out of business. He had made his fortune suing insurance companies and just fucking hated them. The feeling was mutual.

    Good times, those primaries, as they always should be. John moved Hillary and Barack both to the left. These center/left battles are always won or lost in the primaries, not the General — AND NOT 11 FUCKING MONTHS INTO THE FIRST YEAR OF A NEW TERM.

    If you thought you were supporting a true progressive and not a centrist in Obama, then I question why you consider yourself knowledgeable enough to write about politics. We did not nominate a progressive, but a mainstream Democrat. As such, he deserved our support and at this point there is no reason why that should be withdrawn when you consider the alternative.

    Maybe you were over-enthusiastic, and that has dulled a bit now that reality took over, but that doesn’t mean you should do the right’s dirty work and undermine POTUS. The teabaggers are doing the best they can and don’t need your help. (Okay, maybe they do need some help, but resist the temptation, would ya?)

    Lee, Congress is the problem, and channeling your ire towards Obama instead of Lieberman, Lincoln, Nelson etc. won’t make Congress more likely to see things our way this fall. I think Obama is doing what he thinks is right, doing what he thinks is possible when faced with impossible people like, oh … every goddamn Republican out there. They get a pass every day as you whine about the President. Let’s fight the real enemy for a while, whaddya say.

    I do understand the idea of pressuring him from the left, but think how much more pressure there’d be if we showed actual results, like Ned Lamont instead of Joe Lieberman as the 60th vote? The Prez has to look good to attract good Senators.

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