UPDATE: I can’t be sure what the Weekly Standard is trying to say …

… and frankly, I’m not sure it knows what it’s trying to say either when Thomas Joscelyn writes:

“Press reports indicate that the latest Pentagon assessment of recidivists who were once held at Guantanamo ‘shows about one in five detainees released’ have returned to terrorism. That, of course, is a recidivism rate of ‘about’ 20 percent. Although these same press accounts do not note the total number of recidivists, it has been noted that ‘more than 560 detainees’ have been released. These same two elements (recidivism rate and approximate number of detainees transferred/released) appeared in the last DoD recidivist study released to the public. Putting them together we get 20% * 560 former detainees = an estimated 112 recidivists.

How does this figure compare to previous estimates? It is a huge increase.”

Well, okay.  Hmm.  Is the Standard implying that there is more recidivism BECAUSE people were imprisoned at GITMO – some without charge – and released?  Or is it saying that there’s more recidivism BECAUSE they were released in GENERAL? Or is it saying there’s more recidivism because GITMO exists?

What, exactly, is it trying to tell me?  Because I don’t think the author of the article even knows.

UPDATE: Well, Andrew Sullivan is on the case:  “In fact, an Obama administration official has asserted that all the former Gitmo prisoners who have become Jihadists upon release were set free by Bush and Cheney. Just as Cheney had bin Laden in his grasp and allowed his fathomless incompetence to lose him, he has actually helped create and then unleash Jihadists across the world.  How this utter failure gets to pontificate on terror after his disastrous record is beyond me. But then, Mike Allen would have fewer pageviews, wouldn’t he?”


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