Billie’s Quickies … “Sometimes, ‘Thanks for what you boys did over there’ isn’t good enough”

Authentic Fondue recipe…like, the REAL Swiss recipe according to the government.

Well, this seems useful in many many capacities.

  • “What should the media be exploring? After refusing to allow coverage for abortions, will Congress let insurers off the hook for subsidized maternity coverage too, and not require them to provide it?”
  • Crash course in adding vinegar to food.  H/T Slashfood
  • Yeah, this isn’t a disaster waiting to happen.
  • As always, well said: “ Politicians represent the people. Journalists don’t. They don’t need to reflect the people, either, including the percentage who are red state and the percentage blue. We have other forums for that, and if they don’t work it’s up to us, not the press, to fix them. We don’t need the press doing what Congress and town council do already, a point on which conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians—everyone—can agree.  But while journalists do not represent the people, they do represent the public, and that is not the same thing.”
  • A photojournalist recalls the tumultuous days of the Iranian revolution.
  • The Debate Over Selling Insurance Across State Lines
  • “‘Seek out stories that cater to angry, middle-aged white men who listen to talk radio and yell at their televisions.’ That’s what Gross recalls hearing. This directive had consequences, but not the kind we would call a conservative tilt or pro-Bush agenda. ‘What followed was a dumbing-down of what had been an ambitious and talented news operation,’ Gross writes. Dumbling down is not a right wing tilt. Nor does it fit into Fair and Balanced. It’s something else.”
  • “When confronted with a journalist who really knows what she is talking about, I am hungry for information and, when the time comes, opinion, analysis, interpretation, a gut feeling, a lasting impression. Whatever they tell pollsters or say in angry letters to the editor, many people believe as I do. Any campaign reporter who has been out in the field with the candidates can tell you how often ‘ordinary’ citizens ask for opinions… ‘Who impresses you?’ ‘What do you think of Clark?’ Why ask a reporter something odd like that? Because they know stuff!
  • Oh Dear!  DO athletes pee on their hands??!
  • BEAUTIFUL picture.
  • History of Rosie the Riveter

    I want these
    and I don’t even watch baseball!
  • Deaf Jazz singer pitch perfect
  • “Military issues are always done as part of the overall authorization bill,” Frank said, insisting that this has been the strategy for overturning the policy all along. “’Don’t ask, don’t tell’ was always going to be part of the military authorization.”
  • A key shaped nutcracker? Totally cool!
  • “You want to know why the military has such a high suicide rate? Be considerate, show compassion, understand that sometimes, ‘Thanks for what you boys did over there’ isn’t good enough. Sometimes it takes a little more. Write a letter, send a package, do something.”

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