Oh no he didn’t!


“There was no question that the excise tax was the number one issue,” Courtney said. “It surpassed abortion. It surpassed the purchasing exchanges in terms of the concerns that members have.”

You have GOT to be kidding me!  Okay, this is why I generally don’t subscribe to a total package agenda, rather  a rough-sketch of ideas … it’s because of the above quote.

Apparently after all the disagreements about this excise tax on ‘Cadillac’ plans that’s supposedly a real kick in the gut to ‘Chevys’ or whatever, this Courtney fool said a tax that Politifact says“If you’re sick of paying more and more out of pocket for health care, you probably don’t have a Cadillac plan. On the other hand, if you feel like your health plan is quite generous, you might.” It also says: ” … it’s an excise tax that would only affect workers with health care benefits above a certain level. Most middle-class workers won’t be affected at all. We rate the statement Barely True.”

For a politician to infer that, above all else, the Unions hold the Excise Tax on “Cadillac Plans” to be most important, above reproductive rights — this is worthy of scrutiny.   Liberals who are pro-choice should be asking hard questions of Courtney and the Union leaders.  The fact is, as a liberal or progressive, you can accept the excise tax as the most important thing to you … but you have to weight which comment is more important.  Reproductive rights for women, or lower taxes for some people.  Really, there’s not much contest, and that comment was not acceptable.


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  1. Excellent response to the ongoing debate on Healthcare Reform, and where we have gotten to, so far. The entire process of dealing with the parochial concerns of this group or that has left us with very little to savor in this Act. It isn’t that one is more important than another. It seems that in its present form, Reproductive Rights and the promise of no tax increases for those making less than $250,000 will both be sacrificed to gain a vote or satisfy a few people. And the sacrifices will undoubtedly not end there. As Congress takes this up, we must keep pressuring our Senators, Representatives and President to hold fast on Progressive commitments, rather than succumb to the pragmatics of getting a bill — any bill — passed, no matter what.

    Excellent work, Billie. Your writing inspires me.

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