Exclusive: CPAC 2010 Photos #CPAC10

It’s been a week since I attended my first CPAC 2010 event, and I’m just now getting to put up the many pictures I took at the conference. I decided to give them each their own page, rather than one long entry that would take forever to load. Enjoy!

Exclusive Photos: Ed Morrissey and Mary Katherine Ham Eating…Arugula!!! #CPAC10

While it’s not on the same level as the end of Soylent Green, I’d say it at least stacks up with Animal Farm. MK pointed out that she can enjoy arugula while still recognizing the political problem it poses. And I can do this.

#CPAC10 Photoblog

That’s Caleb Howe on the end, next to fellow Redstater Moe Lane. Unfortunately, Moe and I never got around to really talking movies, a subject in which we have considerable overlapping interest. Next to Moe is Dr. Melissa Clouthier, who was amused at the novelty of having me around. Don’t know who the next guy is. Finally, I love this shot of Ed Morrissey, looking like he just participated in a random 24 plot twist. He’s the CTU mole!

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