Peace with Kevin McCullough

Longtime Daily Dose readers are likely familiar with my flame war with Townhall columnist Kevin McCullough from last year’s CPAC. I’m happy to report that we buried the hatchet at this year’s convention.

To his credit, it was McCullough who approached me at Harry’s Tavern in the Marriott Wardman, where I was eating lunch with about 8 friends. That takes some guts.We both agreed we could have handled that whole thing better.

Coincidentally, Big Hollywood linked to those old posts today just as I was updating them.It’s all part of their intrepid mission to prove I’m a liberal. Stop the presses!

I added updates, but I didn’t delete them because they’re my words, I wrote them, I own them. As I said in my updates, I hereby retract the name-calling. As I’m sure is true of Kevin, I stand by any substantive criticisms I’ve made since then. In short, we now disagree without being disagreeable.

Here’s a photo to commemorate the detente, taken by Caleb Howe’s brother, Ben, who surprisingly does wear shoes.



  1. Nice to see some classiness. Good work, gentlemen.

  2. Civility is rare in both modern politics and the internet. When its found within the overlap it’s a shock.

    Thanks for restoring my faith for a little while…

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