Taylor Marsh … feminist?

Well, I was trying to stay away for a little bit until Taylor Marsh authored a post on Huffington … and, well, I just couldn’t.

I was able to stay away from the blog – and frankly from Twitter – for a while since my physical disgust at the behavior from people of all stripes … and it’s only been escalating.

But, since Ms. Marsh’s post merely annoyed and insulted rather than made me physically retreat, I thought I’d come back and give my thoughts.

My annoyance began with the title “There is No Women’s Movement” and within the first paragraph was this:  ” … where were these women’s groups during the health care fight, when they got beat by a minority in Congress led by one man?”  The answer – right where we wanted to be since ‘one man’ didn’t even come close to doing anything that the sentence is insinuating.  Ilya Somin poses a great question/theory:   ” … most voters are rationally ignorant about the details of policy and are unlikely to have either the time or the expertise needed to study the order in detail and determine whether it is likely to have any effect. Thus, pro-life Democratic voters might well accept Stupak’s, Obama’s, and the media’s claims that this order represents a significant change.”

It’s more than a few people’s assertion that the Executive Order really does nothing but say what one of my Tweeps tweeted essentially came down to:  “Next Stupak will ask the President to issue an Executive Order that the flag must be red, white and blue (my apologies I’ve forgotten who it was).

As if that weren’t enough, she continues:  ” … so called progressives and “pro-choice caucus” in Congress rendered silent by the few.”

What was that?

Pardon me?

What progressives were silent in the face of Stupak silliness?

Marsh goes on to make several good points regarding the choice debate … but, then:  “Mr. Stupak would not have gained so much ground against the freedoms of women if Speaker Pelosi hadn’t sanctioned it, encouraged it and back [sic]  it.”    Really? Because, even according to Politico it was a perfect strategy to push the bill forward to a vote to reform health insurance without changing a thing about current abortion legislation.  Politico reported in 2009:  “In the end, Pelosi’s strategy paid off in a big win for her and President Barack Obama. After Rep. Bart Stupak’s (D-Mich.) amendment banning abortion funding was approved with 64 Democratic votes, Pelosi was able to push through the health care reform package on a virtually straight-line party vote, 220-215.”

Speaker Pelosi used a strategy to not change a single legality regarding reproductive rights … and she won.  Now, if one wishes to take issue with progress on choice legislation, that’s a different matter, and may take longer than repealing DADT.

And then there’s this:

  • ” … women in politics either too old or too lazy to recall the dangers of not having 100% control over your own body.”
  • ” … menopausal matrons simply not up to the task.”
  • ” … young women yawn in ignorance of what’s being dismantled.”
  • ” … whoever has given them (Planned Parenthood) money should ask for it back.”
  • ” … Don’t give them (NARAL/NOW) another dime when they come calling.”
  • ” … there is no women’s movement anymore.”

Frankly, with inequality in every aspect of daily life, and many folks in a daily fight for those with less … I’m pretty sure after all the insults she hurled at people who really believe in working TOWARD a common goal on the liberal side, she won’t mind if I say that I really don’t need an aging white lady’s version of  ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people,’ after legislation has been signed into law that will improve the lives of so many who go without every day.  I do believe that ultimate progress can’t happen in less than two years … but, I guess I’m ‘yawn(ing) in ignorance.”


Hurry up and limit my choices and raise my rates already!

So, kids, huff and puff all you want – both sides – but figure out which states will adopt the insurance reform before you get all socialist takeover conspiracy/Obama despises a woman’s right to choose … on us.

Spare me.  (And, while you’re at it quit pretending as if the president makes the laws, this is becoming ridiculously pathetic.)

In state legislatures across the land, Red States will – I assure you – opt out of this.  It is provided as an alternative as it is, and my state of Oklahoma is already working on not even providing the option. So, conservatives/tea partiers rest assured … the crazy commie plot won’t “Mess with Texas.”

For Red Staters at heart living in blue states … pack your bags and move the the red zone because no one’ll force you to do anything gosh darnett.  It’ll be just like that teevee show back in the day, what was it called?  Oh yeah, ‘North and South’ or something.


I’m tired of this argument.  Pass the damn thing so my state can go ahead and continue to provide me with no affordable option … just be quick about limiting my choices Oklahoma so I can continue to leech off the system when I have a cold and have to go to the ER or the free clinic.  Pretty please … selfish jerks.

Billie’s Quickies … “SNOWtorius B.I.G.”

AWESOME Summary of all you need to know about “SNOWtorius B.I.G.” — kinda sums up my interviews, but in a cooler way:  “I am a meteorologist.  I don’t do research in climate change. The best source of what’s going on in climate change is to get it directly from climate scientists themselves.

I’d also draw the distinction between meteorologists who have degrees in meteorology and TV weathermen who are called meteorologists but have no actual scientific training. For instance–John Coleman, who you hear quoted a lot, has no scientific training.

I tell people– don’t listen to me, don’t listen to Al Gore, don’t listen to the blogosphere. Listen to what the actual publishing climate scientists are saying in peer-reviewed scientific literature. In particular, the UN IPCC reports.”

Billie’s Quickies … “Cites anonymous sources about something he hasn’t experienced”

Neat caricatures!  H/t Neatorama