Billie’s Quickies … “SNOWtorius B.I.G.”

AWESOME Summary of all you need to know about “SNOWtorius B.I.G.” — kinda sums up my interviews, but in a cooler way:  “I am a meteorologist.  I don’t do research in climate change. The best source of what’s going on in climate change is to get it directly from climate scientists themselves.

I’d also draw the distinction between meteorologists who have degrees in meteorology and TV weathermen who are called meteorologists but have no actual scientific training. For instance–John Coleman, who you hear quoted a lot, has no scientific training.

I tell people– don’t listen to me, don’t listen to Al Gore, don’t listen to the blogosphere. Listen to what the actual publishing climate scientists are saying in peer-reviewed scientific literature. In particular, the UN IPCC reports.”


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