Hurry up and limit my choices and raise my rates already!

So, kids, huff and puff all you want – both sides – but figure out which states will adopt the insurance reform before you get all socialist takeover conspiracy/Obama despises a woman’s right to choose … on us.

Spare me.  (And, while you’re at it quit pretending as if the president makes the laws, this is becoming ridiculously pathetic.)

In state legislatures across the land, Red States will – I assure you – opt out of this.  It is provided as an alternative as it is, and my state of Oklahoma is already working on not even providing the option. So, conservatives/tea partiers rest assured … the crazy commie plot won’t “Mess with Texas.”

For Red Staters at heart living in blue states … pack your bags and move the the red zone because no one’ll force you to do anything gosh darnett.  It’ll be just like that teevee show back in the day, what was it called?  Oh yeah, ‘North and South’ or something.


I’m tired of this argument.  Pass the damn thing so my state can go ahead and continue to provide me with no affordable option … just be quick about limiting my choices Oklahoma so I can continue to leech off the system when I have a cold and have to go to the ER or the free clinic.  Pretty please … selfish jerks.


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