FireDogLake the left’s Politico?

Oh dear.

I seriously don’t know what to do with myself when an entire article is not read, but instead only the headline and clips from an article that supports one point alone.  I suppose some folks still don’t realize that headlines are meant to grab your attention … either that or they just don’t care.

Over at FireDogLake they posted this nonsense yesterday:  “According to new polling released by Greenberg and partner James Carville, Democrats are held in such little regard today that ‘we’re on the edge of 1994… If the election were now, you would be there.’

Now, a responsible dissenter would indicate that perhaps a more complete point is arrived at later in the story and then continue on with that thought, but not with the firedogs … nooooo.  The funny thing about it is that the completed portion of the thought comes BEFORE their cut and paste job.

So, I’ll do it for them: “Greenberg, who was Bill Clinton’s pollster in the early 1990s, went on to say that he doesn’t think the current situation will hold over the next seven months, and that he expects things will improve for Democrats.”  The Hill adds:  ” … Greenberg also noted a series of differences between now and 1994, including the Republican Party being held in higher regard back then.”

The moral of the story is that both Greenburg and Carville primarily were speaking of voter passion and “intensity” in RELATION to PREPARING for the next election.  I really don’t think I’m reading between the lines too much on this one … it’s pretty clear.  In fact, Greenburg explicitly says “… I don’t think it’s 1994.” Um …

With regard to Rahm Emmanuel … give it a rest. He’s not the President.  And, even so, I’d wager a bet he meant polls would improve AFTER things in the bill began to be implemented.  With no direct quote, though, we really don’t know what Rahm actually said, now do we?


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