Jezebel, quit bashing Jessica Simpson please

I’m kind of annoyed.

It seems Jezebel is bashing Jessica Simpson for the sake of bashing her.

There is a large percentage of Americans who have not EVER spent time outside the United States, and while Jessica Simpson is a person who has traveled, she most likely is not a person who has actually lived amongst the ‘natives’ of whatever country she is visiting.

I’ve been reading – with interest and confusion – Jezebel’s commentary on Simpson’s new show “The Price of Beauty” and the contradictions in its critique is odd.

For example:  “In photographs, Khansa was wearing non-traditional, Western clothing— like many people in Morocco — and yet when she met with Jess and her friends, Khansa wore a djellaba.”  Well, my problem with that is Simpson’s show is about traditional, native thoughts about beauty, not whether modern women subscribe to them.  “Exoticism” seems not to be the issue, rather pop-culture introduction to different cultures and customs.  The author completely ignores how women in Muslim countries may NOT feel objectified by their traditional clothing.

Example Two:  “What’s hidden behind the hidden door.” Jessica was giggling and laughing the whole time.  What that means, to people have an ounce of a sense of humor is … “HaHa, MYYYYTTTTH.” To quote Napoleon Dynamite … “GAH!”

Example Three:  Oh dear. How dare the young ladies have learned that it’s lovely to have a human being look at you in the eyes, not in the cleavage … … … ?! Really, that’s what we’re laughing about?  Think about this audience in general.  This is for PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW WHAT A FEMINIST LOOKS LIKE! This is for young women who are afraid to be feminists because they think it equals “man bashing” or some such nonsense.  This is for women who don’t have that sort of education.  Jezebel, please don’t turn them off, instead, welcome them into the fold.

Example Four:  Jessica dressed inappropriately?  In a Muslim household, with traditionally what would be only women for this visit, and you are concerned about how she respects those who have her in her household? A roomful of women …  with no men in the picture, AT ALL. Women do this all the time in Muslim culture amongst family and other women … hasn’t Jezebel seen those shopping shows? I’m confused.  Frankly this is what confuses most people.  Just as Jezebel says feminism shouldn’t be about stereotypes.  Good for Jezebel for standing up for Jessica standing up for herself … “owning it.”

Example Five:  The “Tea Tray Dance.” It’s a fun show … get a grip.

Post Script:  Jezebel also complained about Jessica freaking out over a spider and buggin’ over mosquito nets and those sinus cleary things … “neti pots?” … getta grip.  I know grown men who panic if a tarantula is near them even though they can’t sting or kill but are only big and hairy.  Wimps.  You visit a country where you’ve heard you can die from an insect bite and we’ll talk … losers.

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