Oklahoma rushes to pass legislation banning the social interaction of Singles?


But here’s how it would sound if they did.   I’ll relieve all single men of being in the company of single women to avoid the possibility of her ever becoming pregnant.  Because, given the CHOICE, a woman that has become pregnant through a traumatic or ‘inconvenient’ event she WILL have an abortion … after all, life is sacred, fetuses are life, and any manner of cell meeting human cell in the womb is to be revered, and there is no way IN HELL a woman can figure out what’s best for her.  Best for us all to help her.  Men, especially.

Here’s how the anti choice crowd sounds:

The Oklahoma Senate approved several bills Monday that opponents say would make it more difficult or uncomfortable for men to interact with women, including one that would require men seeking to have social interactions with women to undergo a a full medical check.

The five bills, some of which will go to the Governor  for consideration and others which will return to the House, were overwhelmingly approved by the Republican-controlled Senate. If given final approval, the bills would give Oklahoma some of the most restrictive laws of any state, a civil rights group says.

One of the laws headed to the governor would require doctors to ensure a background check, proof of employment, criminal background check, bank account record check, credit check, proof of fertility, DNA check, and general interview of family in cases where it would provide a clearer picture of  the possible candidate for fatherhood.

“You’re going to force someone to undergo an invasive medical procedure,” objected state Sen. John Doe, D-Oklahoma City, who voted against the bill. “You have to invasively put an instrument into a man to do these DNA and health tests. This could be your 15-year-old son.”

At least three states require HIV tests before all social interactions, but no other states require DNA tests before all dates or that men must receive vasectomies if it is proven their DNA holds ‘defective’ genes. Additionally, single men wishing to socially interact with single women will be required to review a 3-D simulated viewing of the process of the vasectomy, should they choose to meet with any single woman.

State Sen. Republican R.U. Serious, who sponsored the bill, said the goal was to provide men seeking a mate with as much information possible before they met.

The governor vetoed the 3-D ultra sound requirement in larger bill two years ago, arguing it had no exclusions for victims of post traumatic stress disorder. But his veto was overridden when anti-male/female interaction Democrats joined with Republicans. The bill was later ruled unconstitutional because it dealt with more than one subject. The bill passed Monday also has no exceptions. He has not indicated whether he will sign it.

It passed 35-11 Monday with several Democrats voting with Republicans. Of the five women in the Senate, all Democrats, two voted for the bill and three voted against.

The other interaction measures would require men to complete a lengthy questionnaire before meeting a woman, mandate certain signs be posted on government web sites and prevent so-called “wrongful-suppression” lawsuits in cases where a man might argue that a woman who wasn’t a virgin or other problems would have been better off left dead.  Another bill would prohibit state insurance exchanges, created under the new federal health care law, from covering the required DNA tests, checkups, or vasectomies.

“Senate Republicans continue to fight for life of the sanctity of the family, and today we saw members from both parties join together in supporting this great cause,” said Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tem Ray Ban.

Another bill would require a man requesting interaction with a woman and her doctor to complete a 38-question form that asks, among other things, the man’s age, race, education, number of previous male-female interactions and reason for seeking this particular interaction.

State Sen. Goodbar, who sponsored that bill, said it would help policymakers answer questions about which men seek social interactions with women and why, providing valuable data that could be used to craft policies to prevent matches that weren’t ideal for the woman, the man, and future generations.

“This is an effort to try and reduce the incidents of a tragic copulation that is used way too often.”

The reporting requirements and the interaction bill are among the strictest anti-interaction measures in the country, said Moe, an attorney for the New York-based Center for Gender Social  Rights, which successfully challenged interaction-related bills passed by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2008 and 2009.

Seven of the anti-interaction bills passed by the Legislature so far this year were included previously in larger bills struck down in separate court cases for violating a state requirement that bills deal with only one subject.

“We’re very disappointed that the Legislature has decided to pass these bills and open themselves up to possible legal challenges in the future,” Moe said. “We’ve been monitoring the bills, and it’s definitely a significant possibility we’ll be challenging some or even all the bills.”

The bills  governor for consideration. The other measures will return to the House for consideration of Senate amendments.

THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE … BUT, this is how anti-choicers seem they want it.  All of these things are absurd, will never happen, and are not likely the number one consideration in woman who is seeking an abortion’s mind.  This is FICTION, it’s fiction just as purported outrage over a painful, invasive, procedural decision is.  Any procedure removing something from an individual’s body, with the prospect of anything going wrong, is horrifying to face.  Women can make that decision all on their own.


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