In defense of Mediaite

Well, there’s been a brouhaha. When isn’t there a media spat now and again?  I like them – they’re kinda fun sometimes.  Whether it’s Jezebel’s Scott Baio Twitterspat, Keith Olbermann’s daily needling of those who often deserve it, or in this case, a Mediaite columnist vs., well … um, a lot of people.

There are a few things I don’t don’t do with regard to my daily inhalation of all things media:

  • I don’t read the Drudge Report.
  • I don’t forgo reading the Huffington Post, Mediaite, or DailyKos and the like because I disagree with one of the many blog posts therein.
  • And, I do my best to not confuse what the purpose  of each of said sites are.

I have some favorites I’ve tut tutted here on Tommy’s blog and I make no bones about writing.  I do my best not to hate on the whole blog (though I forget from time to time to reference the particular author as in this particular linked post).
There’s one thing that can be stated as fact:  Mediaite is NOT the Drudge Report or RedState or FireDogLake or anysuch of that sort.

I remember when I first saw the gossipy announcement that Dan Abrams had a blog upstart.  He was clear from the beginning about what the blog would bring its readers:

“It’s my hope that after checking out the site you will see this as a unique property that will quickly become the must-read for anyone interested in media, the business of it and the personalities behind it.” Abrams continued:  “Why would I give up the opportunity to edit my own site? There are a number of reasons. Most important, however, I want this site to be viewed as objective – tough and opinionated – but not the Dan Abrams Post.”

So, really it’s quite clear what the site bills itself as.

Now, if we want to start referencing all the serious media outlets who inquired  seriously as to whether the President was the Antichrist, or whether they hyperventilated at every Drudge flashy siren, or whether another news outlet cared enough to debate the merits of the  National Enquirer, or whether another serious media news outfit cared to discuss the supposed scandal in the blacked out portions that may implicate Obama … well, I guess we can – but, do we want to?

Well I, for one, do … analyzing how everyone reports the news – or provides commentary on it – is the sport of news nerds.  Which one of you didn’t watch #nerdprom over the weekend?


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