The Oval Office Speech … a teevee NIGHTMARE

My initial thought on the President’s first Oval Office speech: It was unnecessary.

He really had no substantive update. He had no substantive solution (aside from BP paying up). He had nothing REALLY to say.  He thought he had appeasing to do.

And, the President may have appeased quite a few people.  He may have made them feel calmer.  He may have enlightened people who are not plugged into the social media news addiction feed every day.  In fact, for those who spend a majority of time watching sports and not multitasking (switching between twitter, facebook, the news, and sports) – he may have made them feel as if he, himself, was on top of the situation.

But, I realize that our multitasking juggler of a President pretty much has his finger on the pulse of those who are plugged in in one way or another … and that doesn’t worry me. He didn’t need to give a near 20 minute speech for me. I, like most of my social media pals, would rather read about real solutions, and watch commentary later than watch a President resigned to ‘appeasing the masses.’  It’s beneath him – and the office.


How DARE the President make his first speech from the Oval Office and not only NOT give us an advance speech to analyze in advance, but FORCE us to have two hours to fill talking about an appeasement? UGH!


WE (the teevee bosses) WERE SO MAD on Tuesday.

There was FAR less venom in newspaper evaluations … the reason? Rather than getting notes in advance and preparing comments quickly – newspapers sat and took notes.  THAT’s why newspapers need to stick around.

Now, (Maddow’s genius fake speech aside) the only commentary that can be is:  “Mmm, well, at least here’s what I wish he would have said …”


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