What I learned on my summer vacation

Everything is not Watergate.  Sometimes there is no there, there.

I’ve learned that – when talking about ‘the Government,’ when passionate – some people forget individual state laws are in existence.

I’ve learned that, just as some people are overly trusting, some also are overly suspicious.

I’ve learned a lot about people during this past week’s vacation.  I’ve learned most from those who can successfully interpret information as it goes through pipeline and sort out truth from lies, and distortion from reality.  They can find a common denominator and then get down to brass tacks.

There comes a point, however, when in our quest for the ultimate truth (which doesn’t really exist) we can’t see the forest for the trees.   For example some folks think Rolling Stone tells the real truth; others look to the New York Times; still others look toward their favorite blog, or government websites, or Reuters, or Associated Press, etc.  The list is quite long.  But, if after checking multiple sources for information, finding a common thread or line of agreement  in all of them, we still cannot believe our own eyes?  What does that say about us?

Lets paint a picture: If I ask you a question about yourself and you give me a direct answer and I don’t believe you or am suspicious, well, I suppose I will seek out another source.  If that source agrees with you and I’m still unmoved, I will seek out another.  If by the fifth source (all different in nature) – all agreeing with you – I still don’t believe a word you say … I think that says something about me.  And, I think that’s a problem.

Anil Dash put it really well:  “Inevitably, people will point to failures of government as “proof” that government can’t do anything right. These same people never point to corporate abuses as proof that corporations can’t do anything right. And they’ll use the fact that over 90 percent of venture-backed startups fail as a credential. I think all these systems and economies run the way that they do for a reason, and while I won’t claim to be the best educated person in the world about all of these topics, I am someone who’s worked at a venture-backed startup, started a few businesses, been involved in public policy discussions, and helped lead an effort to involve thousands of people from all walks of life in substantive policy discussions with policy makers in the White House. Talking about policy makers from a position of authority when you’ve failed to engage with them is even more egregious than simply judging a book by its cover; It’s judging all books by one shoddy book’s cover.”

Doing that reminds me of this:

Why?  Well, after all evidence to the contrary, Carrie could never believe anyone cared about her … because there were a few who didn’t.


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