Photojournalist kowtows to ‘officer of the year’ … he was in a rush

(My apologies for the incorrect spelling in the headline earlier)

This week, a ProPublica photojournalist got intimidated by the Texas City, Texas Police.

Admittedly, in a rush, he went ahead and turned over his camera – rather than be arrested (for who knows what, really) he acquiesced.

He went on to explain:

Hm. Well.

According to this, Tom Robison – and I’m sure he’s a FINE officer (no sarcasm) – of Texas City, Texas doesn’t work with the Department of Homeland Security.  He works closely with them:  Cpl. Thomas Robison has been assigned with the Galveston County Narcotics Task Force, Federal Drug En-forcement Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Joint Terrorism Task Force (J.T.T.F.) working closely with Homeland Security.”

Journalists are easily throwing away – out of fear or something – what they shouldn’t give up easily.  They are becoming doormats and blaming everyone else for the misunderstanding.

So, police officers blocked you in the parking lot? Did you do anything wrong? No. Was anything you did illegal? No. Was it suspicious? Maybe … but that’s no reason to arrest you. Journalists are the Fourth Estate. There’s no reason to be lax in responsibility and facts … and it’s also a reason to NEVER roll over.

Learn it. Know it. Live it.


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