Maddow, Thursday, echoes Gen. McChrystal’s warnings

Rachel Maddow – Thursday – on her ever brilliant show on MSNBC, was spot on with regard to Afghanistan … but so was Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Rachel, in summation, was not really speaking of ‘humanitarian intervention’ but her ideas about what is really going on in this war were astoundingly correct, and had more to do with what is going on than any Rolling Stone profile ever could.

It’s something that hasn’t been covered as thoroughly or as astutely as Maddow did, and she and the General were on the same track.

To the President at the time, Bill Clinton, and the Council on Foreign relations, McChrystal wrote:

“Few situations offer such recognizable extremes and undeniable rationale for employing military force as vital as national interest or genocide.  Information is often incomplete or suspect, and in the absence of unequivocal imperatives, the decision becomes more difficult – a complex calculus of practical and moral considerations.  This is where our policy must be crafted with utmost care.”

It’s worth reading the entire thing … REALLY it is.


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