‘Mercy for Animals’ activist said to have participated in abuse

The animal rights activist who filmed the horrific abuse of dairy cows on the Conklin farm purportedly admitted he participated in abuse of the cows to remain undercover.

Farm and Dairy online reports:

“Smith reportedly told law enforcement that he did not witness any abuse by Conklin, and that Conklin did not know of the abuse by Gregg.  It was the intent of Mercy for Animals — the pro-vegan organization that produced the film — to prove that the farm owner knew what was happening and allowed it to continue.”

It goes on to say:

“Union County Prosecuting Attorney David Phillips said the grand jury also considered charges against MFA and Smith, whose videotaping of the abuse spanned about a four-week period. Smith told deputies he also had kicked animals and poked them with a pitchfork.  ‘He (Smith) claimed he did so to maintain his cover, and said he didn’t use his full strength,’ Phillips said in a released statement. ‘The investigator told me that MFA was aware of the abuse, since he reported to them on a daily (basis). MFA allowed the abuse to continue, unreported, and the animals to suffer at the hands of Billy Joe Gregg.'”

Farmers, ranchers, and dairy operators have been outspoken about the matter and have expressed outrage that the abuse continued – caught on camera – with no attempt to report the abuse either to the farm owner or the authorities.

I’m afraid I won’t post pictures or video of the abuse as it is easily found all over the internet.


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